Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

Diplomas and Graduation

photograph of graduate

AMEB's commitment to quality ensures that the students who pass examinations receive a qualification which is widely recognised and respected.

Qualifications include

  • Associate in Music, Australia (AMusA)
  • Licentiate in Music, Australia (LMusA)
  • Associate Teacher of Music, Australia (ATMusA)
  • Licentiate Teacher of Music, Australia (LTMusA)
  • Fellowship in Music, Australia (FMusA)
  • Associate in Drama & Performance, Australia (ADPA)
  • Licentiate in Drama & Performance, Australia (LDPA)
  • Associate in Professional Communication, Australia (APCA)
  • Associate in Speech and Drama, Australia (ASDA)
  • Licentiate in Speech and Drama, Australia (LSDA)
  • Fellowship in Speech and Drama, Australia (FSDA)

Graduation Ceremony

Successful AMEB Diploma students may receive their certificates at the University of Tasmania Graduation Ceremonies held in Hobart and Launceston in August each year. For details see: Graduation.

AMEB academic dress is a plain black, undergraduate-style gown, a mortar board, and a stole of black silk lined with:

  • Ice Pink (C.P. Glossy 601) for LMusA
  • Old Gold (BCC115) for LSDA/LDPA
  • Stewart Blue (BCC149) for LTMusA
  • Peacock (BCC123) for ATMusA
  • Lilac (BCC176) for AMusA
  • Grass Green (BCC103) for ADPA/APCA/ASDA
  • Royal Purple (BCC110) and braid edging in Gold (BCC114) for FMusA
  • Garnet (BCC160) and gold lace (BCC114) for FSDA