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AMEB Tas Policies

If you need to alter your exam or wish to make an appeal, we're here to help. Have a read of our policies as they may answer your initial questions and then get in touch.

Exam Cancellation Refund Policy

Scheduling exam sessions is a complex process. While we don't expect candidates to worry about that, we do need to acknowledge that much of this process is inflexible once exam times are confirmed.

Less than five business days’ prior to the exam:
No refund provided.
This close to the exam itself means that we will still incur costs such as the venue hire, and examiner and supervisor fees. 
After exam has been scheduled and more than five business days prior:
50% of exam fee refunded.
While we may be able to make adjustments to the exam schedule, the costs of the examiner, supervisor, and venue may still be incurred.
Before exam has been scheduled but after close date:
Refund of exam fee, less $25 admin processing fee.
Before close of applications:
Full refund.

Extenuating circumstances, such as illness and family bereavement, will be considered upon application.
See our Exam Transfers Policy (below) for postponing your exam to the next session.

Exam Transfer Policy

We will endeavour to accommodate transfer requests, however this is always subject to the availability of venues, examiners and other factors. In all cases, transfer fees will only be charged if the request to change the exam can be accommodated. Transfers may occur within the exam session or to a future session. If transferring to a future session, that session must be nominated at the time of request. All transfers must be completed within a calendar year. After this time, all credits are forfeited. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure they are appropriately prepared for their exam.

Less than five business days’ prior to the exam:
A transfer fee of 75% of the new exam fee is payable, otherwise, please see Exam Cancellation Refund Policy.
After exam has been scheduled and more than five business days prior:
A transfer fee of 50% of the new exam fee is payable.
Before exam has been scheduled but after close date:
$25 admin fee.
Before close of applications:
No cost. Candidates and account holders are able to make changes to their own exam request through SCORE.

Changing between syllabus (eg from a Comprehensive to a Repertoire exam) after the closing date will incur an administration fee of $25. Prior to the closing date, candidates are able to make this amendment themselves through SCORE.

Candidates are expected to advise in advance of availability requirements (such as compulsory school events, and days of religious or cultural significance). Candidates should always note their availability limitations in the application "special requirements" field. While every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, AMEB can not guarantee that examiners and venues will be available on all days of each session.

Late Entry

The closing date for exams is set to ensure we can schedule all exams to be undertaken across the state, and enable us to provide an appropriate notice period for all candidates. In some instances, we may still be able to accept late enrolments so we encourage you to get in touch if you have missed the closing date. Late enrolments are subject to availability and will incur a $25 administration fee.

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Rockschool Policies

Please visit the Rockschool website for various policies relating specifically to that syllabus.

Appeals Policy

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UTAS Privacy Policy

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