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Exam Sessions/Enrolment Dates

2020 exam dates are open for enrolments!

Yes, we're still delivering exams through 2020, albeit in an altered fashion to keep everyone safe. Please have a look at our 2020 Exam Alternatives to find out more.

If you miss a session closing date, please do get in touch to see if we can accommodate a late entry. Late fee information is available on our Policies page.

Practical Exams 2020

Download or view our 2020 Exam Session Dates HERE.

This is a downloadable timetable that you can keep on your phone or print out and stick on your fridge.

Enrol for an Exam through Score

Written Exams 2020

Our Online Theory Exam suite is continuing to expand with more grades and syllabuses than ever, all available for our online candidates. If you'd still prefer to do a paper-based theory exam, we have a new delivery model aimed to make exam dates more flexible and better support regional candidates.

This new model allows you to host your own exam session in your school or studio, at any time of year. You can choose the time of year that best suits your students. We also understand that some candidates simply prefer working with a pencil. Nationally, we’ve created this ON REQUEST process to provide greater flexibility for teachers and learners, and in response to feedback requests for more session dates.

What Teachers Need To Know

  • All grades, all syllabuses. This could include any combination of Music Theory, Musicianship, Music Craft, and Speech & Performance.
  • 5 candidate minimum. This can include any grade or syllabus with the minimum being the total number of candidates you're entering (not per grade).
  • Don't have 5 candidates? Let us know and we’ll work to pair you with others in your area.
  • You provide the venue and supervise your candidates – this could be you, or a parent, or a trusted local adult.
  • We schedule your theory exam day to suit you.
  • The number of unique exam papers across the year is limited so we’ll be aiming to schedule common dates across the state. The usual August date (19/8/2020) will be set as an available time for you to hold your exams. We’re aiming to provide some flexibility around when your students sit their exams and this may end up becoming session-type windows or dates in future. Let us know how this works for you so we can continue to improve it.
  • The more notice you give us, the better we'll be able to get you your preferred date and time.
  • We'll send you all the instructions you need to ensure the integrity of the exam is upheld, along with the exams themselves in a separate, sealed envelope. This pack will include a return envelope so that you can get the exam papers back to us for marking.
  • As this is a new, flexible feature for theory exams, we're in the process of building this capability into Score. For now, enrolments will need to be submitted via a separate form (link below). We'll be working to have all of your details uploaded to Score so that you'll be able to maintain the history of your enrolments and results.
  • The form must be completed by persons aged 18 and over - this may be the teacher, parent, or candidate.
  • We will need to process your payment for these exams manually. This will be done once your exam day has been confirmed - we'll give you a call to take a credit card payment over the phone. We can provide a tax invoice to you in due course.
  • Please note that we will require applications to be submitted at least two months prior to your preferred exam date. This will assist us in supporting all teachers in your area, and ensure that scheduling, appropriate notice periods, and the unpredictable and untimely nature of the postal service, are able to be factored.

Enrol my students for Paper-Based Theory Exams

Download the Venue Agreement Ts and Cs

Please note that Music Craft Preliminary to Grade 4 exams are now only offered through AMEB Online Exams.