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Get qualified in the creative technologies and multimedia with some of the most cutting edge syllabuses out there. Take your pick (or do both!).

  • Vlogging
  • Podcasting

These exams are taken fully online through the submission of a portfolio and are designed to get you all the skills you need for a career in the world of today and tomorrow.

These syllabuses are great for teachers - they're free to download and are entirely flexible. The topics and content of the portfolio can be chosen to select the tastes and interests of the individual and form a handy assignment format for classwork.

Enrolments and exams can be done at any time. Media syllabuses may appear under the banner of Creative Qualifications, and are exams are administered by our AMEB Federal team so please visit our dedicated Rockschool website to enrol and find out more.


Do you want to be the next online sensation? Or just aiming to improve your camera and presentation techniques? The syllabus coursework will start you off at the beginning, or you can jump in wherever your experience has already taken you. And you get to choose the topics for your vlog so it's sure to keep you entertained while you learn.

You'll learn good voice techniques through warm ups, technical elements such as camera positioning and eye line, hardware and set up, and how to pace and present your best self.

This syllabus pairs very nicely with the skills developed across Our Speech and Drama and PAA Acting syllabuses.

Exams are online, through the submission of a portfolio recording and an evaluation that can be notated or recorded.


Tell your story, inspire debate or share your ideas. The Podcasting syllabus will walk you through developing your presentation style as well as how best to capture the listener's attention.

Learn about the technical stuff as you explore hardware and microphone set up and control, while also developing great presentation techniques through warm up exercises, vocal dynamics, and posture. You'll also learn about distribution and branding to help you get your work in the spotlight.

Pair your Podcasting exam with your Voice and Communication studies to set you up with a commanding grasp of some of the most sought-after life skills.

Exams are online, through the submission of a portfolio of recordings and an evaluation that can be notated or recorded.

These syllabuses are delivered by AMEB through our partnership with RSL Awards (you'll know them as Rockschool). Based in the UK, the Rockschool brand specialises in the contemporary arts and focusses on equpping young people with the skills they need to succeed in the industry. These qualifications are recognised globally with tens of thousands of exams conducted in the UK and over 40 countries around the world.

Please note that reports and certificates will take a little longer to get to you compared with other AMEB timelines. This is due to the moderation process (via the UK) to adhere with the international qualification requirements of these awards.