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UTAS Brand

Achieve the extraordinary

Welcome to the University of Tasmania's brand website.

Every day, the gap between ordinary and extraordinary grows ever wider. But since it takes something truly extraordinary to change the world, we've made its pursuit a never-ending commitment. More than just something we talk about, we're actively setting out to achieve the extraordinary every day.

This website explains how we do this through our marketing language and visual identity, and core brand positioning. When we deliver these elements together, through all of our communications, environments and behaviours, and in accordance with our guidelines, we can deliver a truly extraordinary brand.

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For Students requiring access to branding materials please contact the email address above.

Who is this site for?

Anyone at the University of Tasmania who communicates on the University's behalf should find this site a useful and inspiring resource.

  • Deans, Directors, and other leaders can use the principles of our brand as a platform to focus their initiatives
  • Academics and professional staff can use it to understand the principles of the brand platform and how to apply it in their day to day work, and download useful tools and templates to make work simpler
  • Writers and communicators can use it to draw inspiration when they create stories about the achievements of their people
  • Designers can use the wealth of typography, colour, imagery and design elements to give life to their design creations

What comes next?

This site will evolve over time, as we add more examples and supporting material to help you produce materials and communications that reflect the University's brand. If you have any questions regarding the University's brand, would like to make suggestions for useful materials or templates, or if you want to share your own successful examples, please contact the Office of Marketing at