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To view our visual identity system detailing use of signage and branding throughout the University of Tasmania, on campus, within our buildings, and facilities, please download our Signage Guidelines.

When the University of Tasmania's brand is used beyond print collateral, point-of-sale merchandise, and electronic media, it moves into the built environment. This environment allows the University of Tasmania to dominate its location with visually striking brand and campaign signage. Signage can also be used as brand reinforcement at events or promotions.

When creating signage graphics we must consider public space, traffic, weather, visibility, and architecture. All signage needs to be compliant with building, city, and event regulations. Excellence in production of the University of Tasmania's signage can make a major impact on everyday surroundings and is capable of bringing the brand into everyday life.

All signage is custom made for its purpose. If your area or event needs signage, please submit a request via the Service Desk.

Types of Signage

There are many types of signage which can be created to suit any particular need. These types include:

Perimeter Signage

Perimeter signs are positioned on road sides/verges at various key entry points to campuses. Their purpose is to inform motorists and pedestrians that they are entering University of Tasmania and to welcome them to the campus.

Identification Signage

This type of signage is used to identify specific buildings/areas/precincts inside University of Tasmania sites and campuses. Identification signage may be used in sleeve or modular styles.

Directional Signage

Directional signage provides pedestrians navigational aids and clear wayfinding to destinations on University sites and campuses. Directional signage may be used in sleeve or modular styles, and can be applied to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Proportional Brand Signage

Various sign proportions exist to bring the brand to life outdoors, within public space, and the built environment. These signs are used to clearly brand public space and areas within University of Tasmania campuses. Signage can also be used to reinforce the brand at offsite events and promotions.

Proportional Brand Signage

Arena Proportional Brand Signage

Arena signage can be used in sporting stadiums, outdoors, in the built environment and other public places where high impact visual branding is preferred. These signs are used to market the University of Tasmania and project a confident brand image. The large red lion makes arena signage highly visible from a distance.

Arena Proportional Brand Signage