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Our logo

The University of Tasmania logo represents us at the very highest level and is vitally important to our brand. It acts as an introduction, a signature, an identifier, and stamp of quality. It is, and should always be, the most consistent component of our communications.

In order to maintain this consistency a few basic rules must be followed. The brand guidelines document sets these rules out in full, but in short:

The public logo

UTAS Public logo

The public logo for the University features the red lion and tagline 'University of Tasmania'. This should be used for all communications including marketing, recruitment, advertising, and stationery. The public logo has a colour and mono version. Where possible the colour version should be the first choice, when compatible with the brand guidelines.

Copies of the public logo are available to download, including mono, reverse, and horizontal versions. Any versions not available from the Downloads page can be requested from the Office of Marketing.

The regal logo

UTAS Regal Logo

The regal logo is the University's official coat of arms. The regal logo is restricted for formal, ceremonial, and legal communications. Examples of its appropriate use might include partnership agreements, MOUs with other institutions, testamurs, and other legal documents.

The regal logo should not appear on School/College advertising, design communications, or internal administrative documents not falling under the previous definition.