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Building E-learning Community of Practice

About the Building E-learning Community of Practice

The Building E-learning Community of Practice (CoP) was established formally in 2012 to build relationships and enhance communication across e-learning staff on the Launceston campus, where a critical mass of such staff and expertise is based. The CoP holds monthly meetings, where members with diverse skills and experience discuss issues, exchange information and invite key contacts from related areas of the University. The group now also runs an active and effective online forum for all UTAS e-learning staff (with over 40 members).

In 2013, the CoP forged a collaborative university-wide peer group, enhancing communication across university divisions, in effect creating a collective think tank. Members increased their skills, developed a strong sense of collegiality and reduced their sense of isolation. Activities included a number of workshops, which enhanced participants' skills in video production, the UTAS learning management system (Desire2Learn, or MyLO) and other related systems. Workshops were attended by CoP members from the Launceston, Hobart and Sydney campuses. The Desire2Learn workshop also included peers from Deakin University, attracting 30 participants.

Support from Professor David Sadler and the TILT Award Office and from Professor Janelle Allison, former Pro Vice Chancellor Office Regional Development, enabled the CoP to meet face to face and hold a number of events. The CoP continues to act as an effective communication channel with new members joining every year.

The CoP was awarded a Group Career Scholarship and held a workshop for members in November 2018.