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May 2021 Changes

Changes to Rubrics Functionality

The Academic Division has made changes regarding rubric criterion marking ranges and the default numeric scores. The default score for NN (0-50%), for example, now defaults to 25% of that range, which should then be overridden while marking, as appropriate. Supporting tools have been adjusted to assist staff with these changes.

Other MyLO MATE changes in this release can be found here.

Rubric Generator

Staff can use the Rubric Generator tool to quickly create rubrics by pasting tables copied from Word. Recent changes include:

  • The Description column is now visible by default.

    • MyLO always sets the first column to the top of the criterion score range (100%). Second and subsequent columns, however, can have the default numerical score set to the middle of the range. A description column is added as the first column to the rubric, ensuring that the middle mark can be set as default in all the subsequent ‘normal’ rubric columns. Marks should never be awarded in the ‘description’ column for any criterion.
  • Default numeric criterion scores are now set to the middle of the range.
    • Previously default numeric scores were able to be set to either top, middle, or bottom of range. Per direction from the academic executive director, the default mark is now set to middle of the range. Marking staff should ensure they override the numeric scores as appropriate.

  • Rubrics now have the numeric score hidden by default.
    • Rubrics imported into MyLO now have the numerical score hidden by default. This was previously changed in MyLO manually for each rubric.
    • Before:
    • After:
    • This can be changed if required when editing a rubric in MyLO – scroll down to Options and change the Score Visibility: