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ICT Project

ICT project is offered to ICT students at the Hobart and Launceston campuses of the University of Tasmania. These students could be undertaking a computing, engineering, science, law or commerce degree.

The project aims to provide students with the experience of developing a medium-scale computing project in a small team. All aspects of the development process are considered: problem specification, requirement extraction, system design, implementation, integration, testing and documentation.

This course provides students with the experience of working in a team and dealing with the associated problems of communication and team management. This course is generally undertaken by students in their final year of undergraduate study.

Launceston Projects

Falling Trash, Client: UTAS Sustainability Committee
Movie [YouTube]

Urban Insertion VR Inspector, Client: HITLab, University of Tasmania
Movie [YouTube]

Very Good Maintenance App, Client: BitLink
Movie [YouTube]

Hobart Projects

Sustainable Bike Data Collection System, Client: UTAS Sustainability Committee
Movie [YouTube]

Crowd Sourcing Bird Song Data, Client: Data Research Group, University of Tasmania
Movie [YouTube]

Non-Combat FPS, Client: SecretLab
Movie [YouTube]

First Aid Course Finder, Client: First Aid Centre
Movie [YouTube]

Party Crashers, Client: Giant Margarita
Movie [YouTube]

CSIRO Speech Screening for Young Children, Client: CSIRO
Movie [YouTube]

Spider House, Client: School of Psychology, UTAS
Movie [YouTube]

Learn Thai Ping, Client: Eighty Options Pty Ltd
Movie [YouTube]

Walk a Whaler’s Way, Client: Maritime Museum of Tasmania
Movie [YouTube]

Launceston Projects

Track Cycling Lap Recorder, Client: Tasmanian Institute of Sport
Movie [YouTube]

Definium Automation Control System, Client: Definium Technologies
Movie [YouTube] 

SOS Wildlife App, Client: Tasmanian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Inc
Movie [YouTube]

Hobart Projects

Sustainable Transport Digital Data Collection System, Client: UTAS Sustainability Committee
Movie [YouTube]

GettaChef, Client: GettaChef Pty Ltd
Movie [YouTube]

Data Structures +, Client: Dr Robert Ollington
Movie [YouTube]

IPAA Tasmania Website, Client: Institute of Public Administration Australia - Tasmania
Movie [YouTube]

Murder Mystery, Client: Secret Lab
Movie [YouTube]

Procedural Puzzle Game, Client: Giant Margarita
Movie [YouTube]

Physical Rehabilitation through Interactive Video Projection (Fishio), Client: Royal Hobart Hospital and UTAS
Movie [YouTube]

Launceston Projects

Smart Green House, Client: HITLab AU

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 624.5 KB].

Tracktivity Pets, Client: BitLink

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 295.1 KB].

Navigation Kiosk, Client: Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.7 MB].

Hobart Projects

My Due Dates, Client: Rosny College

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 2.7 MB].

Finding Your Way, Client: Association for Children with Disability

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.8 MB].

BirdXP, Client: Dr Joel Scanlan and School of Psychology

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 3.8 MB].

DownTime, Client: Giant Margarita

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 2.2 MB].

Prestidigitation, Client: Secret Lab

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 956.9 KB].

Fly Stay Play, Client: Dr Saurabh Garg and Dr James Montgomery

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 2.3 MB].

What's in Season, Client: Eat Well Tasmania

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 7.0 MB].

Slice of Cheese, Client: Football Federation of Tasmania

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 2.6 MB].

Freeing Fear, Client: Therapeutic Care Program for Australian Childhood Foundation

Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 484.4 KB].

2014 Launceston Projects

Silverdome Website Redevelopment, Client: Silverdome

The objective of this project was to bring the Silverdome's website into the 21st century with a full redevelopment of the actual website focusing on usability and image. Our main focus was to attract the attention of the general public and that of the promoters looking for a venue for their events, e.g: Sporting events, conferences, live entertainment and exhibitions.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 709.7 KB].

Teach and Travel, Client: Search Associates

The objective of the project was to develop a mobile application for the Melbourne fair; the application will provide teachers and schools with efficient means of communication while attending the fair. It will promote the business by using current portable devices as modern and streamline. The application will enable organizers to update news and schedules through a web interface during the event in real time. It will also reduce the required data entry for social event RSVPs

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 3.5 MB].

2014 Hobart Projects

Threatened Species Monitoring Portal, Client: DPIPWE

The Threatened Species and Marine Section of the State Government is responsible for conserving Tasmania's threatened Albatross and Giant Petrel populations, including those breeding on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island.

The objective was to design and develop a web based, multi-user, secure database that can be queried and edited from potentially any location around the globe. This will replace the existing legacy system which is currently in use by the Threatened Species and Marine Section of the State Government which does not have multiuser or data integrity features.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.4 MB].

Recovery Buddy Mobile Application, Client: Salvation Army, Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is an Australia wide counselling program to help those in their recovery from alcohol, tobacco and/or other drug addictions. It is offered for an intensive eight week period, with the support of the Salvation Army. The Recovery Buddy Mobile Phone Application's main objective is to create an application which actively engages clients of The Bridge Program in an attempt to prevent their relapse in the post-program phase (currently at approximately 60%).

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 584.4 KB].

Magic Duel, Client: Secret Lab

Team Duel's objective was to create an interactive magical duelling game using a motion tracking device known as the Leap Motion. The game was a proof of concept for the Leap Motion's viability as a game controlling device and focused on using hand gestures to cast spells at an enemy player in a one on one duel scenario.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.2 MB].

Escalate Fault Management System, Client: Telstra

The objective was to design and implement a new system based on the current Fault Management System that was easy to navigate, responsive and contains accurate data. The system gives users the ability to manage administrative tasks as well as provides the capability to analyse data stored within the system enabling Telstra staff to better manage resources.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 2.0 MB].

MUSE – Music that moves with you, Client: People Powered Games

The objective of the project was to produce a rhythm-based video game that interweaves physical movement and music, with the purpose of encouraging users to exercise while having fun. This project sets itself apart from other games in the genre by allowing players to generate the music themselves, much like playing an instrument while reading sheet music.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 442.2 KB].

Behavioural Awards Program, Client: RXP Services

The objective was to create a web application for the current staff Rewards and Recognition Program. It provides all staff with the ability to nominate, see previous results and allows only Team Leaders to sort, search and select winners from nominations.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 865.5 KB].

2013 Launceston Projects

FollowMe, Client: HITLab AU

This project involved the development of a simple demonstration system for a Kinect based physical therapy program. Providing physical therapy patients with an easy and affordable alternative to sessions with a physical therapist, demonstrating that this method is a viable alternative to traditional treatments. The program provides the user with a mirror image of themselves with a virtual instructor to guide them through the required movements.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 867.2 KB].

Green Team App, Client: Green Team

The Green Team web-based application boosts the efficiency of coordinating and running the Green Team. Green Team Administrators can manage the distribution of resources through this web application. The app allows a Team Coordinator to coordinate and keep track of their assigned workers and resources. The app allows workers to be clear about their work time and places.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 478.6 KB].

In the know, Client: Studentworks

This project created a software tool for assessment of students at Studentworks. The tool assesses students in numeracy as well as occupational health and safety. This software enables the students to complete a traditionally written assessment task with an alternative approach, designed to suit their educational environment and learning strengths. The software also assists staff by providing generated reports about student performance.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 150.5 KB].

Teleteam, Client: HITLab AU

This is an application that shows detailed panoramas, enhanced with ambient sounds, of tourist destinations in Tasmania. Users are able to pan around these scenes via head tracking to explore and hopefully be inspired to visit. By using head and arm tracking, users are able to interact with the application more naturally, as they move their head as if they are looking out of a window to see more of the scene and use hand gestures to change the scene in a similar way to turning pages on a book.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 695.4 KB].

2013 Hobart Projects

Feral Cat Hunter, Client: Feral Animal Management Services

This project created an iOS app (game) that will improve awareness and further educate the general public of the feral cat problem that exists across Tasmania and the rest of Australia. It aims to highlight the dangers that feral cats pose to our native animals, particularly our endangered species.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 629.6 KB].

Patholog-E Museum Virtualisation, Client: R.A. Rodda Museum of Pathology

This project created a web-based interface to an existing pathology database, allowing students and staff to navigate, research, update and search the database online in the University or from outside the University.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 606.7 KB].

Membership Management System, Client: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

This project created a web based membership management system to replace the existing distributed electronic and manual information systems. The new system provides efficiencies in the day-to-day administration, streamlining office process and improving the communication and retention of supporters. The new system provides self-service functionality to automate the management process of members, supporters and volunteers to improve collection of membership fees, reporting of volunteer achievements and recruitment and retention.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 699.5 KB].

Print Flow, Client: Franklin Printing

This project created an integrated customer, quote, job and supplier database, with an integrated workflow system. The system allows the tracking of a print job request from the customer enquiry stage through the request for quotes, job request, and delivery and invoicing stages. It maintains a history of jobs and quotes linked to the customers and suppliers database, enabling the client to quickly reproduce or duplicate previous jobs.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 743.0 KB].

Space Battle Viewer, Client: SecretLab

This project tested whether or not a board game combined with an Augmented Reality (AR) interface can create a viable entertainment product through the development of a “space battle” game. The Augmented Reality interface interacts with the game by tracking unique visual tags on the cards and projecting 3D models over the top of them when viewed through the iPad camera.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 268.2 KB].

Community Education Project, Client: Geography and Environmental School

The main objective of the project was to redesign websites for the Thomas Crawford Trail (TCT) and Climate Change Trail (CCT) and create a treasure hunt over the UTAS campus using QR-code technology.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 675.6 KB].

Red Herring Online Store, Client: Red Herring Surf

The Objective of this project was to create an interactive online store website. This consists of a web-based user interface and a new database, which is used to store the information both about products and users. The system also provides a different access for administrators to monitor the stock status of all products. They can also manage and modify the details of all products, such as insert new products, update products information, delete products that are not available for purchasing.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 701.9 KB].

Adaptive Robot Swarm Experiment, Client: CSIRO

The objective of this project was to produce software that enables users to send commands to perform a task to a group of robots, which will then carry out the task allocated. This software implemented a swarm intelligence, which is a form of artificial intelligence modelled on the group behaviours seen in swarming insects. Specifically, the software enabled a group of robots to communicate with each other, delegate sub-tasks in order to perform a specified, general task, and deal with failure (by loss of communication between units).

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 742.9 KB].

To be a Bat, Client: Ian Lewis

The objective of this project was to create a stealth game involving sneaking past guards through a maze to steal an object. The twist of this game will be that the player character is blind and must use echo location to sense their surroundings. Sound played heavily into the game mechanics allowing the player to reveal their surroundings and distract guards, but also allowed the guards to hear them. The game adhered to the concept of subtractive design. Subtractive design is “the process of removing imperfections and extraneous parts in order to strengthen the core elements” this can be applied to games by removing unnecessary gameplay mechanics and features to strengthen the core mechanics.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [JPG 521.8 KB].

2012 Launceston Projects

SafetyPlus, Client: Michael Shorter and Associate

SafetyPlus is a web-based application that allows for the automation of efforts to ensure work health and safety compliance in independent schools. Following an audit by our client, the results are input into SafetyPlus, and the school is able to update their progress in becoming more compliant as they address the audit report. The system also acts as a roadmap for sustained, continual improvement by requiring a future review date to be set for each element to ensure that the school is continually ensuring their legislative compliance, but more importantly being a safer place.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 707.0 KB].

Provitalise, Client: School of Health Sciences UTAS

Provitalise is a software solution designed to facilitate the delivery of health care from exercise physiologists to their clients. This is achieved by allowing users to upload information relating to their exercise sessions and making this data available to their treating practitioner. Provitalise enables two way communication between a practitioner and their clients for the purpose of providing feedback in order to supplement outcomes achieved during face to face consultations.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 10.7 MB].

Building your Future, Client: Student Services UTAS

Building Your Future is a series of modules to be accessed through UTAS Careers and Development's website. Designed for current and prospective students, it contains topics and self-paced activities that can be worked through on- or off-line. The overall program assists individuals in developing a profile of career interests through examination of influences on decision making, narrowing down possible course options, and making a successful transition to university life. Building Your Future is based on content developed by QUT and will support the face-to-face consultation sessions currently provided by UTAS careers counsellors.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.1 MB].

MolyMod, Immersive World Project 2012

MolyMod is a chemistry simulator set in an intuitive environment to augment the teaching and exploration of organic chemistry with enhanced interaction and visualization techniques. MolyMod works in the large screen VisionSpace setup with a Microsoft Kinect; this creates a physical space that the user can utilize their voice and body to experience the program. The VisionSpace also projects in stereoscopic 3D bringing the experience out of the screen and into their hands. MolyMod is linked to an online chemistry database, and retrieves data to give you contextual feedback on what you're building as you build it.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 5.8 MB].

2012 Hobart Projects

Leonardo, Client: TerraLuma project - School of Geography and Environmental Studies at UTAS

Leonardo is a software application designed for pre-flight planning and post flight visualisation for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) within the field of remote sensing. Leonardo Planner allows operators to design an efficient flight plan using imagery from Google Earth. The flight path data file is loaded into the autopilot software for autonomous navigation of a UAV. Leonardo Vision allows for post flight visualization from the acquired imagery collected during a flight. Vision will replay an animation of the 3-dimensional flight path using a collada model of the UAV and projecting collected imagery from the flight onto the Google Earth globe.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube].

TFS Fire Watch, Client: Tasmania Fire Service

TFS Fire Watch is a smartphone application that aims to support community access to fire awareness and safety information. In particular, the TFS Fire Watch application's public release will provide accurate fire tracking and advice to multiple smartphone platforms. Fire tracking functionality will allow users to interact with maps or lists to view fire incidents, permits, boundaries and restrictions. In addition, fire related advice can also be reviewed by users including weather danger ratings, fire preparation procedures and contact details. Smartphone platforms to be supported include Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.7 MB].

Blake Stryker, Client: Secret Lab

Combining elements from a board and card game, Blake Stryker aims to create a unique multiplayer experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The player will face off against up to three friends in the fight to become the "Number 1 Space Mercenary" by travelling to the centre of the Blakeverse and challenging the legendary Blake Stryker. Players move around the galaxy, defeating enemies and other players through battling with cards. Missions must be completed in order to gain enough reputation and skill to open up paths to the inner realms of the galaxy. Their strength is determined by the cards held within their deck, and players must aim to build a deck strong enough to defeat Blake Stryker.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 2.6 MB].

IOU: Track your IOU's online, Client: Ionata Web Solutions

The I.O.U. site is designed for users to log expenses, or I.O.U's, owed to them by their friends. When a user first signs up, they are able to search for their real life friends and become friends on the site and then create and join groups created by them or their friends. Each group has its own group currency, and the sky's the limit as the currency can be anything such as dollars, coffee, pizza, drinks, litres of petrol, hours of help or labour, dinner, favour or anything else the group creator can imagine. Once a user has set up their account, each time they help a friend, buy a friend something or lend something to a friend, they can log the I.O.U on the site by selecting on the groups both the user and their friend are part of, then selecting the friend, or friends who owe them the I.O.U.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 1.5 MB].

Tasmanian Migration Information System, Client: Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

Tasmania’s Business and Skilled Migration Program is a government unit responsible for providing support and assistance to skilled migrants and reporting on migrant business investment within Tasmania. The project team developed the TMIS database and desktop application system, providing users with an efficient method in which to process, monitor and review migrant data. The new system merged the two existing, separate systems into a single database to make managing migrants simpler, improve reliability and normalise the database.

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 4.1 MB].

Mesonoxian, Games Project 2012

Mesonoxian is a 2D, platformer that follows the exploits of a thief called Vesper. The game has a heavy emphasis on movement, with simple mechanics that work together to create an exciting and challenging player experience. The player relives Vesper's greatest heists across five unique environments ranging from harsh slave mines to the relics of a ruined city to relieve the wealthy and corrupt from the burden of their possessions. Mesonoxian harks back to a simpler time, when video games were fast, challenging and above all, fun!

More information is available via the Movie [YouTube] and Poster [PDF 3.3 MB].