Discussion Papers

The Tasmanian School of Business and Economics has an extensive list of discussion papers.

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Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Attitudes and Personality in the Australian Gender Wage Gap (PDF 792KB)Mustafa Kamal, Paul Blacklow
2021-06A simple linear alternative to Multiplicative Error Models with an application to trading volume (PDF 406KB)Adam Clements, Stan Hurn, Vladimir Volkov
2021-05Environmental Performance in the West African Economy: MM-Quantile and 2SLS Approach (PDF 1.36MB)Hammed Musibau, Maria Yanotti, Joaquin Vespignani, Rabindra Nepal
2021-04Oil Prices and Fiscal Policy in an Oil-exporter country: Empirical Evidence from Oman (PDF 0.98MB)Salwa Aljabri, Mala Raghavan, Joaquin Vespignani
2021-03Dynamic effects of network exposure on equity markets (PDF 2.05MB)Moses Kangogo, Vladimir Volkov
2021-02Australian Age, Period, Cohort Effects in the Gender Wage Gap - 2001 to 2018 (PDF 1.51MB)Mustafa Kamal, Paul Blacklow
2021-01 Endogenous Product Scope: Market Interlacing and Aggregate Business Cycle Dynamics (PDF 308KB) Oscar Pavlov, Mark Weder


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2020-13 Commodity Price Volatility, External Debt and Exchange Rate Regimes (PDF 540KB) Monoj Kumar Majumder, Mala Raghavan, Joaquin Vespignani
2020-12 Real-time Forecasting of the Australian Macroeconomy Using Flexible Bayesian VARs (PDF 493 KB) Bo Zhang, Bao H. Nguyen
2020-11 Realized Volatility, Jump and Beta: Evidence from Canadian Stock Market (PDF 1.00MB) Dinesh Gajurel, Biplob Chowdhury
2020-10 Revising the Impact of Global Commodity Prices and Global Stock Market Volatility Shocks: Effects across Countries (PDF 1.34MB) Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2020-09 Calm before the storm: an early warning approach before and during the COVID-19 crisis (PDF 3.30MB) Raisul Islam, Vladimir Volkov
2020-08 Commodity Price Volatility, Fiscal Balance and Real Interest Rate (PDF 1.23MB) Monoj Kumar Majumder, Mala Raghavan, Joaquin Vespignani
2020-07 COVID-19 and Tasmanian Youth Unemployment: A Policy Recommendation (PDF 643KB) Joaquin Vespignani, Maria Yanotti
2020-06 Covid-19 Infections and the Performance of the Stock Market: An Empirical Analysis for Australia (PDF 406KB) Markus Brueckner, Joaquin Vespignani
2020-05 Contagion or interdependence? Comparing signed and unsigned spillovers (PDF 1.11MB) Raisul Islam, Vladimir Volkov
2020-04 Non-Gravity Trade (PDF 834KB) Markus Brueckner, Ngo Van Long, Joaquin Vespignani
2020-03 The moderating role of green energy and energy-innovation in Environmental Kuznets: Insights from Quantile-Quantile Analysis (PDF 736KB) Hammed Oluwaseyi Musibau, Maria Yanotti, Joaquin Vespignani, Rabindra Nepal
2020-02 The Role of Precautionary and Speculative Demand in the Global Market for Crude Oil (PDF 790KB) Jamie L. Cross, Bao H. Nguyen, Trung Duc Tran
2020-01 Forecasting natural gas prices using highly flexible time-varying parameter models (PDF 416KB) Shen Gao, Chenghan Hou, Bao H. Nguyen


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09 Forecasting Energy Commodity Prices: A Large Global Dataset Sparse Approach (PDF 516KB) Davide Ferrari, Francesco Ravazzolo, Joaquin Vespignani
2019-08 The Industrial Impact of Economic Uncertainty Shocks in Australia (PDF 1.6MB) Hamish Burrell, Joaquin Vespignani
2019-07 Crisis transmission: visualizing vulnerability (PDF 3.0MB) Mardi Dungey, Raisul Islam, Vladimir Volkov
2019-06 Oil Curse, Economic Growth and Trade Openness (PDF 1.0MB) Joaquin Vespignani
2019-05 Multi-product firms and increasing marginal costs (PDF 1.6MB) Oscar Pavlov
2019-04 How Resilient is ASEAN-5 to Trade Shocks? Regional and Global Shocks Compared (PDF 436KB) Mala Raghavan, Evelyn Devadason
2019-03 Profit and equity trade-offs in the management of small pelagic fisheries: the case of the Japanese sardine fishery (PDF 1.4MB) Ho Geun Jang, Satoshi Yamazaki, Eriko Hoshino
2019-02 An empirical examination of the jump and diffusion aspects of asset pricing: Japanese evidence (PDF 1.4MB) Biplob Chowdhury, Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan
2019-01 An analysis of the global oil market using SVARMA models (PDF 768KB) Mala Raghavan


Paper No.TitleAuthor(s)
2018-10 Tourist Arrivals, Energy Consumption and Pollutant Emissions in a Developing Economy–Implications for Sustainable Tourism (PDF 474KB) Rabindra Nepal, M. Indra al Irsyad, Sanjay Kumar Nepal
2018-09 Estimating the Impacts of Financing Support Policies towards Photovoltaic Market in Indonesia: A Social-Energy-Economy-Environment (SE3) Model Simulation (PDF 481KB) M. Indra al Irsyad, Anthony Halog, Rabindra Nepal
2018-08 Annual Report "Graphicity" and Stock Returns (PDF 1.1MB) Xiaohu Deng, Lei Gao
2018-07 Financial and Non-Financial Global Stock Market Volatility Shocks (PDF 386KB) Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2018-06 Home Advantage: The preference for local residential real estate (PDF 492KB) Danika Wright, Maria Yanotti
2018-05 The Changing Network of Financial Market Linkages: The Asian Experience (PDF 2.8MB) Biplob Chowdhury, Mardi Dungey, Moses Kangogo, Mohammad Abu Sayeed, Vladimir Volkov
2018-04 An Unobserved Component Modeling Approach to Evaluate Multi-horizon Forecasts (PDF 586KB) Jing Tian, Thomas Goodwin
2018-03 The Demand and Supply for Esteem: An experimental analysis (PDF 535KB) Paul Blacklow, Amy Beth Corman, Hugh Sibly
2018-02 Analysis of shock transmissions to a small open emerging economy using a SVARMA model (PDF 768KB) Mala Raghavan, George Athanasopoulos
2018-01 Who, What, Where? Residential Property Investment in Australia Mardi Dungey, Danika Wright, Maria Yanotti


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2017-15 A State Space Approach to Evaluate Multi-horizon Forecasts (PDF 628KB) Thomas Goodwin, Jing Tian
2017-14 Short Selling and Politically Motivated Negative Information Hoarding (PDF 938KB) Xiaohu Deng
2017-13 The information content of short selling and put option trading: When are they substitutes? (PDF 707KB) Xiaohu Deng, Lei Gao, David Kemme
2017-12 R&D and wholesale trade are critical to the economy: Identifying dominant sectors from economic networks (PDF 520KB) Mardi Dungey, Vladimir Volkov
2017-11Signed spillover effects building on historical decompositions (PDF 1.5MB)Mardi Dungey, John Harvery, Pierre Siklos, Vladimir Volkov
2017-10Quantile relationships between standard, diffusion and jump betas across Japanese banks (PDF 611KB)Biplob Chowdhury, Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan, Mardi Dungey
2017-09Divergence of Opinion and Long-Run Performance of Private Placements: Evidence from the Auction Market (PDF 651KB)Jianlei Han, Zheyao Pan, Guangli Zhang
2017-08World Steel Production: A New Monthly Indicator of Global Real Economic Activity (PDF 876KB)Francesco Ravazzolo and Joaquin Vespignani
2017-07Macro-Financial Effects of Portfolio Flows: Malaysia’s Experience (PDF 607KB)Tng Boon Hwa, Mala Raghavan, Teh Tian Huey
2017-06A semi-parametric point process model of the interactions between equity markets (PDF 483KB)Adam Clements, Stan Hurn, Kenneth Lindsay, Vladimir Volkov
2017-05Global Commodity Prices and Global Stock Volatility Shocks: Effects across Countries (PDF 961KB)Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2017-04The Changing International Network of Sovereign Debt and Financial Institutions (PDF 534KB)Mardi Dungey, John Harvery, Vladimir Volkov
2017-03Trade Uncertainty and Income Inequality (PDF 728KB)Markus Brueckner and Joaquin Vespignani
2017-02Oil Price Shocks and Policy Uncertainty: New Evidence on the Effects of US and non-US Oil Production (PDF 2.6MB)Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2017-01The Impact of Global Uncertainty on the Global Economy, and Large Developed and Developing Economies (PDF 3.0MB)Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani


Paper NoTitle Author(s)
2016-01Global Uncertainty and the Global Economy: Decomposing the Impact of Uncertainty Shocks (PDF 1.4MB)Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2016-02The Implications of Liquidity Expansion in china for the US Dollar (PDF 984KB)Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2016-03The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on the US Stock Market: A Note on the Roles of US and non-US Oil Production (PDF 464KB)Wensheng Kang, Ronald A Ratti, Joaquin Vespignani
2016-04Forecasting Output Gaps in the G‐7 Countries:
The Role of Correlated Innovations and Structural
Breaks (PDF 593KB)
Mardi Dungey, Jan P.A.M. Jacobs, Jing Tian


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01 Surfing through the GFC: Systemic risk in Australia (PDF 1.0MB) Mardi Dungey, Matteo Luciani, Marius Matei, David Veredas
2015-02 Intra and inter‐village conflict in rural coastal communities in Indonesia: The case of the Kei islands (PDF 364.2KB) Satoshi Yamazaki, Budy Resosudarmo, Wardis Girsang, Eriko Hoshino
2015-03 Turn‐Taking in Finitely Repeated Symmetric Games: Experimental Evidence (PDF 4.1MB) Hugh Sibly, John Tisdell and Shaun Evans
2015-04 High Frequency Characterization of Indian Banking Stocks (PDF 472.9KB) Mohammad Abu Sayeed, Mardi Dungey and Wenying Yao
2015-05 The role of intra-day volatility pattern in jump detection: Empirical evidence on how financial markets respond to macroeconomic news announcements (PDF 755.2KB) Wenying Yao and Jing Tian
2015-06 Understanding the Deviations of the Taylor Rule: A New Methodology with an Application to Australia (PDF 1.1MB) Kerry Hudsona and Joaquin Vespignani
2015-07 A New Monthly Indicator of Global Real Economic Activity (PDF 1.2MB) Francesco Ravazzolo and Joaquin Vespignani
2015-08 Oil Prices and Global Factor Macroeconomic Variables (PDF 1009.6KB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2015-09 What Drives the Global Official/Policy Interest Rate? (PDF 768KB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2015-10 The Macroeconomic Effects of Oil Price Shocks on ASEAN-5 Economies (PDF 1.7MB) Mala Raghavan


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01 A Review of the Australian Mortgage Market (PDF 1.5MB) Maria Yanotti
2014-02 Concurrent Momentum and Contrarian Strategies in the Australian Stock Market (PDF 6.3MB) Minh Phuong Doan, Vitali Alexeev and Robert Brooks
2014-03 Mortgage Choice Determinants: the Role of Risk and Bank Regulation (PDF 1.1MB) Mardi Dungey, Firmin Doko Tchatoka, Graeme Wells and Maria Yanotti
2014-04 Should ASEAN-5 Monetary Policymakers Act Pre-emptively Against Stock Market Bubbles? (PDF 1.8MB) Mala Raghavan and Mardi Dungey
2014-05 The Sectorial Impact of Commodity Price Shocks in Australia (PDF 2.7MB) Stephen Knop and Joaquin Vespignani
2014-06 Canadian Monetary Policy Analysis using a Structural VARMA Model (PDF 1.6MB) Mala Raghavan, George Athanasopoulos and Param Silvapulle
2014-07 Forecasting with EC-VARMA Models (PDF 1.0MB) George Athanasopoulos, Don Poskitt, Farshid Vahid and Wenying Yao
2014-08 How Many Stocks are Enough for Diversifying Canadian Institutional Portfolios? (PDF 1.3MB) Vitali Alexeev and Francis Tapon
2014-09 VAR Modelling in the Presence of China's Rise: An Application to the Taiwanese Economy (PDF 794.5KB) Mardi Dungey, Tugrul Vehbi and Charlton Martin
2014-10 Contagion and Banking Crisis - International Evidence for 2007-2009 (PDF 707.8KB) Mardi Dungey and Dinesh Gajurel
2014-11 The impact of post-IPO changes in corporate governance mechanisms on firm performance: evidence from young Australian firms (PDF 1020.7KB) Biplob Chowdhury, Mardi Dungey and Thu Phuong Pham
2014-12 Identifying Periods of Financial Stress in Asian Currencies: The Role of High Frequency Financial Market Data (PDF 1.7MB) Mardi Dungey, Marius Matei and Sirimon Treepongkaruna
2014-13 OPEC and non-OPEC oil production and the global economy (PDF 1.0MB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2014-14 VAR(MA), What is it Good For? More Bad News for Reduced-form Estimation and Inference (PDF 1.2MB) Wenying Yao, Timothy Kam and Farshid Vahid


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01 Why crude oil prices are high when global activity is weak? (PDF 478.4KB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2013-02 The impact of jumps and thin trading on realized hedge ratios? (PDF 244.4KB) Mardi Dungey, Olan T. Henry, Lyudmyla Hvozdyk
2013-03 International Monetary Transmission to the Euro Area: Evidence from the US, Japan and China (PDF 338.4KB) Joaquin Vespignani and Ronald Ratti
2013-04 Chinese Monetary Expansion and the US Economy (PDF 669.1KB) Joaquin Vespignani and Ronald Ratti
2013-05 On Bootstrap Validity for Specification Tests with Weak Instruments (PDF 276.2KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka
2013-06 Not All International Monetary Shocks are alike for the Japanese Economy (PDF 928.2KB) Joaquin Vespignani and Ronald Ratti
2013-07 Chinese Resource Demand and the Natural Resource Supplier (PDF 411.4KB) Mardi Dungey, Renée Fry-McKibbin and Verity Linehan
2013-08 Commodity Prices and BRIC and G3 Liquidity: A SFAVEC Approach (PDF 824.0KB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2013-09 Are Per Capita CO2 Emissions Increasing Among OECD Countries? A Test of Trends and Breaks (PDF 288.9KB) Satoshi Yamazaki, Jing Tian and Firmin Doko Tchatoka
2013-10 International Transmissions to Australia: The Roles of the US and Euro Area (PDF 898.2KB) Mardi Dungey, Denise Osborn and Mala Raghavan
2013-11 On the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Euro Area. (PDF 407.8KB) Xiaoli He, Jan P.A.M. Jacobs, Gerard H. Kuper and Jenny E. Ligthart
2013-12 An international trend in market design: Endogenous effects of limit order book transparency on volatility,spreads, depth and volume (PDF 428.3KB) Thu Phuong Pham and P. Joakim Westerholm
2013-13 Broker ID Transparency and Price Impact of Trades:Evidence from the Korean Exchange Thu Phuong Pham
2013-14 A survey of research into broker identity and limit order book (PDF 209.7KB) Thu Phuong Pham and P. Joakim Westerholm
2013-15 Equity Market Contagion during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from the World's Eight Largest Economies (PDF 731.9KB) Mardi Dungey and Dinesh Gajurel
2013-16 Equity Portfolio Diversification: How Many Stocks are Enough? Evidence from Five Developed Markets (PDF 1.7MB) Vitali Alexeev and Francis Tapon
2013-17 What Australian Investors Need to Know to Diversify their Portfolios (PDF 649.5KB) Vitali Alexeev and Francis Tapon
2013-18 Measuring the Performance of Hedge Funds Using Two-Stage Peer Group Benchmarks (PDF 499.6KB) Marco Wilkens, Juan Yao, Nagaratnam Jayasreedharan and Patrick Oehler
2013-19 Equity Portfolio Diversification with High Frequency Data (PDF 1.8MB) Vitali Alexeev and Mardi Dungey
2013-20 Towards a Diagnostic Approach to Climate Adaptation for Fisheries (PDF 982.7KB) Peat Leith, Emily Oguer, Gretta Pecl, Eriko Hoshino, Julie Davidson and Marcus Haward


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01 On the correspondence between data revision and trend-cycle decomposition (PDF 273.8KB) Mardi Dungey, Jan Jacobs, and Jing Tian
2012-02 Testing for Partial Exogeneity with Weak Identification (PDF 508.3KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka
2012-03 Endogenous Crisis Dating and Contagion Using Smooth Transition Structural GARCH (PDF 4MB) Mardi Dungey, George Milunovich, Susan Thorp and Minxian Yang
2012-04 On the Validity of Durbin-Wu-Hausman Tests for Assessing Partial Exogeneity Hypotheses with Possibly Weak Instruments (PDF 154.8KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka
2012-05 Liquidity and Crude Oil Prices: China's Influence Over 1996-2011 (PDF 687.5KB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2012-06 Specification Tests with Weak and Invalid Instruments (PDF 293.5KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka
2012-07 Identification-robust inference for endogeneity parameters in linear structural models (PDF 290.7KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka and Jean-Marie Dufour
2012-08 Ranking Systemically Important Financial Institutions (PDF 889.6KB) Mardi Dungey, Matteo Luciani and David Veredas
2012-09 Exchange Rate Risk Exposure and the Value of European Firms (PDF 916.2KB) Fabio Parlapiano and Vitali Alexeev
2012-11 Crude Oil Prices and Liquidity, the BRIC and G3 countries (PDF 835.7KB) Ronald Ratti and Joaquin Vespignani
2012-12 The Industrial Impact of Monetary Shocks during the Inflation Targeting Era in Australia (PDF 432KB) Joaquin Vespignani


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01 First Home Buyers' Support Schemes in Australia (PDF 392.0KB) Mardi Dungey, Graeme Wells and Sam Thompson
2011-02 First Home Buyers' Support Schemes in Australia - Results Spreadsheet (XLS 2.9 MB) Mardi Dungey, Graeme Wells and Sam Thompson
2011-03 Subset Hypotheses Test in and Instrument Exclusion in the Linear IV Regression (PDF 391.5KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka
2011-04 Do Contacts Matter in the Process of Getting a Job in Cameroon? (PDF 138.4KB) Firmin Doko Tchatoka and Urbain Thierry Yogo
2011-05 A SVECM Model of the UK Economy and the Term Premium (PDF 312.6KB) Mardi Dungey and M. Tugrul Vehbi
2011-06 Systematic and Liquidity Risk in Subprime Mortgage Backed Securities (PDF 1.6MB) Mardi Dungey, Gerald P. Dwyer and Thomas Flavin


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01 Economic Assessment of the Gunns Pulp Mill 2004-2008 (PDF 113.1KB) Graeme Wells
2010-02 From Trade-to-Trade in US Treasuries (PDF 524.3KB) Mardi Dungey, Olan Henry and Michael McKenzie
2010-03 Detecting Contagion with Correlation: Volatility and Timing Matter (PDF 175.5KB) Mardi Dungey and Abdullah Yalama
2010-04 Non-Linear Pricing with Homogeneous Customers and Limited Unbundling (PDF 212.9KB) Hugh Sibly
2010-05 Assessing the Impact of Worker Compensation Premiums on Employment in Tasmania (PDF 219.7KB) Paul Blacklow
2010-06 Cojumping: Evidence from the US Treasury Bond and Futures Markets (PDF 253.9KB) Mardi Dungey and Lyudmyla Hvozdyk
2010-07 Modelling the Time Between Trades in the After-Hours Electronic Equity Futures Market (PDF 190.0KB) Mardi Dungey, Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan and Tuo Li
2010-08 Decomposing the Price Effects on the Cost of Living for Australian Households (PDF 245.3KB) Paul Blacklow
2010-09 Menus of Linear Contracts in Procurement with Type-Dependent Reservation Utility (PDF 604.7KB) Shane B. Evans
2010-10 Franchise Contracts with Ex Post Limited Liability (PDF 412.8KB) Shane B. Evans
2010-11 Innovation Contracts with Leakage Through Licensing (PDF 360.7KB) Shane B. Evans
2010-12 Financial Crises in Asia: Concordance by Asset Market or Country? (PDF 311.7KB) Mardi Dungey, Jan P.A.M. Jacobs and Lestano


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01 Calorie Intake in Female-Headed and Male-Headed Households in Vietnam (PDF 93KB) Elkana Ngwenya
2008-02 Determinants of Calorie Intake in Widowhood in Vietnam (PDF 105.2KB) Elkana Ngwenya
2008-03 Quality Versus Quantity in Vertically Differentiated Products Under Non-Linear Pricing (PDF 246.7KB) Hugh Sibly
2008-04 A Taxonomy of Monopolistic Pricing (PDF 350.1KB) Ann Marsden and Hugh Sibly
2008-05 Vertical Product Differentiation with Linear Pricing (PDF 250.1KB) Hugh Sibly
2008-06 Software for Teaching Aggregate Demand and Supply Models (XLS 163.0 KB) Graeme Wells
2008-07 Demographic Demand Systems with Application to Equivalence Scales Estimation and Inequality Analysis: The Australian Evidence (PDF 458.5KB) Paul Blacklow, Aaron Nicholas and Ranjan Ray
2008-08 Yet Another Autoregressive Duration Model: The ACDD Model (PDF 1.4MB) Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan, David E Allen and Joey Wenling Yang
2008-09 Substitution Between Public and Private Consumption in Australian States (PDF 121.3KB) Anna Brown and Graeme Wells


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01 Dietary Changes, Calorie Intake and Undernourishment: A Comparative Study of India and Vietnam (PDF 150.5KB) Ranjan Ray
2007-02 A Re-examination of the Real Interest Parity Condition Using Threshold Cointegration (PDF 58.9KB) Arusha Cooray
2007-03 Teaching Aggregate Demand and Supply Models (PDF 169.9KB) Graeme Wells
2007-04 Markets, Institutions and Sustainability (PDF 132.7KB) Ella Reeks
2007-05 Bringing Competition to Urban Water Supply (PDF 109.0KB) Hugh Sibly and Richard Tooth
2007-06 Changes in Indonesian Food Consumption Patterns and their Nutritional Implications (PDF 125.2KB) Elkana Ngwenya and Ranjan Ray
2007-07 The Term Spread and GDP Growth in Australia (PDF 219.4KB) Jacob Poke and Graeme Wells
2007-08 Moving Towards the USDA Food Guide Pyramid Food: Evidence from Household Food Group Choice in Vietnam (PDF 205.5KB) Elkana Ngwenya
2007-09 The Determinants of the Quantity-Quality Balance in Monopoly (PDF 149.5KB) Hugh Sibly
2007-10 Rationing Recreational Access to Wilderness and other Natural Areas (PDF 175.0KB) Hugh Sibly
2007-11 Yet Another Trading Simulation: The Nonimmediacy Model (PDF 419.9KB) Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01 Estimates of Technology and Convergence: Simulation Results (PDF 184.3KB) Graeme Wells and Thanasis Stengos
2006-02 Dietary Pattern, Calorie Intake and Undernourishment: The Vietnamese Experience (PDF 108.6KB) Vinod Mishra and Ranjan Ray
2006-03 Early Retirement Biases in the Funding of Australian Retirement (PDF 135.5KB) Bruce Felmingham, Yong Hong Yan, Natalie Jackson and Maggie Walter
2006-04 The Cyclical and Trend Behaviour of Australian Investment and Savings (PDF 120.0KB) Bruce Felmingham and Arusha Cooray
2006-05 Education and Child Labour: A Global Perspective (PDF 82.3KB) Ranjan Ray
2006-06 A Regular Demand System with Commodity-Specific Demographic Effects (PDF 115.8KB) Paul Blacklow, Russell Cooper, Roger Ham and Keith McLaren
2006-07 Fertility Choices of Australian Couples (PDF 303.0KB) Paul Blacklow
2006-08 Is there Gender Bias in the Household's Time Allocation in a Developing Country? The Indian Experience (PDF 215.8KB) Pushkar Maitra and Ranjan Ray
2006-09 Examining Quality Distortion (PDF 137.5KB) Hugh Sibly
2006-10 The Day-of-the-Week (DOW) Efficiency of the S&P/ASX20 Index and it's Component Stocks (PDF 412.7KB) Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan
2006-11 Convergence to the Law of One Price: Evidence from Cross-Listed Chinese Stocks (PDF 132.8KB) Yong Hong Yan, Graeme Wells and Bruce Felmingham


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01 Investment and Savings Cycles and Tests for Capital Market Integration (PDF 62.9KB) Arusha Cooray and Bruce Felmingham
2005-02 The Efficiency of Emerging Stock Markets: Empirical Evidence from the South Asian Region (PDF 195.8KB) Arusha Cooray and Guneratne Wickremasinghe
2005-03 Error-Correction Relationships Between High, Low and Consensus Prices (PDF 637.3KB) Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan
2005-04 Tests for RIP Among the G7 When Structural Breaks are Accommodated (PDF 142.1KB) Bruce Felmingham and Arusha Cooray
2005-05 Alternative Approaches to Measuring Temporal Changes in Poverty with Application to India (PDF 199.1KB) Dipankor Coondoo, Amita Majumder, Geoffrey Lancaster and Ranjan Ray
2005-06 Intertemporal Household Demographic Models for Cross Sectional Data (PDF 183.8KB) Paul Blacklow
2005-07 Some Recent Evidences about the Global Integration of Chinese Share Markets (PDF 820.2KB) Yong Hong Yan and Bruce Felmingham
2005-08 Managerial Objectives and Use Limits on Resource-Based Recreations (PDF 130.1KB) Hugh Sibly
2005-09 The Feldstein-Horioka Model Re-Visited for African Countries (PDF 163.5KB) Arusha Cooray and Dipendra Sinha
2005-10 Analysis of Changes in Food Consumption and their Implications for Food Security and Undernourishment: The Indian Experience in the 1900s (PDF 123.6KB) Ranjan Ray
2005-11 An Extended Feldstein-Horioka Test for the Degree of Capital Mobility (PDF 158.0KB) Alexis Wadlsey, Bruce Felmingham and Arusha Cooray
2005-12 Extreme-Valued Distributional Relationships in Asset Prices (PDF 2.0MB) Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01 Parametric and Non Parametric Tests for RIP Among the G7 Nations (PDF 110.6KB) Bruce Felmingham and Arusha Cooray
2004-02 Population Neutralism: A Test for Australia and its Regions (PDF 88.1KB) Bruce Felmingham, Natalie Jackson and Kate Weidmann
2004-03 Child Labour in Asia: A Survey of the Principal Empirical Evidence in Selected Asian Countries with a Focus on Policy (PDF 131.7KB) Ranjan Ray
2004-04 Endogenous Intra Household Balance of Power and its Impact on Expenditure Patters: Evidence from India (PDF 201.6KB) Geoffrey Lancaster, Pushkar Maitra and Ranjan Ray
2004-05 Gender Bias in Nutrient Intake: Evidence from Selected Indian States (PDF 220.1KB) Geoffrey Lancaster, Pushkar Maitra and Ranjan Ray
2004-06 A Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) of Stock Market Returns (PDF 435.0KB) Nagaratnam J Sreedharan
2004-07 Ramsey Prices and Qualities (PDF 126.0KB) Hugh Sibly
2004-08 First and Second Order Instability of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Share Price Indices (PDF 182.2KB) Yan, Yong Hong
2004-09 On Setting the Poverty Line Based on Estimated Nutrient Prices With Application to the Socially Disadvantaged Groups in India During the Reforms Period (PDF 190.6KB) Ranjan Ray and Geoffrey Lancaster
2004-10 Derivation of Nutrient Prices from Household Level Food Expenditure Data: Methodology and Applications (PDF 192.1KB) Dipankor Coondoo, Amita Majumder, Geoffrey Lancaster and Ranjan Ray


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01 On a New Test of the Collective Household Model: Evidence from Australia (PDF 265.1KB) Pushkar Maitra and Ranjan Ray
2003-02 Parity Conditions and the Efficiency of the Australian 90 and 180 Day Forward Markets (PDF 269.6KB) Bruce Felmingham and SuSan Leong
2003-03 The Demographic Gift in Australia (PDF 253.8KB) Natalie Jackson and Bruce Felmingham
2003-04 Does Child Labour Affect School Attendance and School Performance? Multi Country Evidence on SIMPOC Data (PDF 468.7KB) Ranjan Ray and Geoffrey Lancaster
2003-05 The Random Walk Behaviour of Stock Prices: A Comparative Study (PDF 207.3KB) Arusha Cooray
2003-06 Population Change and Australian Living Standards (PDF 172.3KB) Bruce Felmingham and Natalie Jackson
2003-07 Quality, Market Structure and Externalities (PDF 261.1KB) Hugh Sibly
2003-08 Quality, Monopoly and Efficiency: Some Refinements (PDF 229.8KB) Hugh Sibly


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01 The Impact of Price Movements on Real Welfare through the PS-QAIDS Cost of Living Index for Australia and Canada (PDF 60.6KB) Paul Blacklow
2002-02 The Simple Macroeconomics of a Monopolised Labour Market (PDF 78.9KB) William Coleman
2002-03 How Have the Disadvantaged Fared in India? An Analysis of Poverty and Inequality in the 1990s (PDF 66.4KB) JV Meenakshi and Ranjan Ray
2002-04 Globalisation: A Theory of the Controversy (PDF 73.6KB) William Coleman
2002-05 Intertemporal Equivalence Scales: Measuring the Life-Cycle Costs of Children (PDF 56.2KB) Paul Blacklow
2002-06 Innovation and Investment in Capitalist Economies 1870-2000: Kaleckian Dynamics and Evolutionary Life Cycles (PDF 400.3KB) Jerry Courvisanos
2002-07 An Analysis of Input-Output Interindustry Linkages in the PRC Economy (PDF 143.8KB) Quing Zhang and Bruce Felmingham
2002-08 The Technical Efficiency of Australian Irrigation Schemes (PDF 198.8KB) Liu Gang and Bruce Felmingham
2002-09 Loss Aversion, Price and Quality (PDF 213.2KB) Hugh Sibly
2002-10 Expenditure and Income Inequality in Australia 1975-76 to 1998-99 (PDF 338.2KB) Paul Blacklow
2002-11 Intra Household Resource Allocation, Consumer Preferences and Commodity Tax Reforms: The Australian Evidence (PDF 207.8KB) Paul Blacklow and Ranjan Ray


Paper NoTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01 Optimal Commodity Taxes in Australia and their Sensitivity to Consumer Preference and Demographic Specification (PDF 81.1KB) Paul Blacklow and Ranjan Ray
2001-02 Tests of Income Pooling on Household Budget Data: The Australian Evidence (PDF 98.3KB) Geoffrey Lancaster and Ranjan Ray
2001-03 Neighborhood Effects, Preference Heterogeneity and Immigrant Educational Attainment (PDF 72.2KB) Buly A Cardak and James Ted McDonald
2001-04 Simultaneous Analysis of Child Labour and Child Schooling: Comparative Evidence from Nepal and Pakistan (PDF 60.0KB) Ranjan Ray
2001-05 The Impact of Resource Inflows on Child Health: Evidence from South Africa (PDF 77.4KB) Pushkar Maitra and Ranjan Ray
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