Research Seminars

Seminars in 2020

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DateDisciplineTitle Visitor
21 FebruaryAccounting & Corporate GovernanceCarbon bubbles and stranded assets in financial marketsProf Tom Smith
Macquarie University
3 MarchEconomics & FinanceStructural Interpretation of Vector Autoregressions with Incomplete Identification: Setting the Record StraightProf Christiane Baumeister
University of Notre Dame
13 MarchManagement & MarketingHerding cats: Can an internal marketing strategy help academics achieve research excellence?Prof Steven D'Alessandro
University of Tasmania
20 MarchEconomics & Finance‘Valuing’ some of the complex social and economic benefits of Indigenous land and sea management programs (ILSMPs): challenges, findings and implications for ‘valuation’ and policy in a broad range of settingsProf Natalie Stoeckl
University of Tasmania
27 MarchManagement & MarketingAntecedents of employee guardianship behaviour within the retail contextDr Balkrushna Potdar
University of Tasmania
24 AprilManagement & Marketing

Researching rural pride events in partnership with industry

Dr Clifford Lewis
Charles Sturt University
8 MayManagement & MarketingSet-theoretic approaches versus correlation-based approaches: New questions need new research methodsDr Farveh Farivar
University of Tasmania
8 MayEconomics & FinanceThe Wages of Mothers’ Labor: A Meta-Regression AnalysisProf Tom Stanley
Hendrix College
15 MayEconomics & FinanceLong-term care insurance financing using home equity release: Evidence from an experimental studyDr Katja Hanewald
22 MayManagement & MarketingRelationship Marketing: Complex Customer Relationships within Project-based MarketsKevin Swarts
University of Tasmania
22 MayEconomics & FinanceThe scientific value of finance after the crisisProf Jerry Parwada
29 MayEconomics & Finance
Don't judge a book by its cover: The role of intergroup contact in reducing prejudice in conflict setting
Prof Russell Smyth
Monash University
12 JuneEconomics & FinanceAn Alternative Approach for Demand EstimationA/Prof Sizhong Sun
James Cook University
19 JuneEconomics & FinanceEfficiency, Rebound and Water UseProf Quentin Grafton
Crawford School of Public Policy
17 JulyCoBE Research WorkshopResearch publication strategies - different strokes for different folksProf Natalie Stoeckl
University of Tasmania
24 July Economics & FinanceCORE (Economics for a changing world)Prof Wendy Carlin
University College London
31 JulyCoBE Research WorkshopResearch EthicsDr Doug Colbeck
University of Tasmania
7 AugustEconomics & FinanceAttribution Contagion: How did the art auction market react to Australian 'Black art scandals'?Prof Tim Fry
7 AugustAccounting & FinanceDividend Cuts: Good News or Bad News? well, as the Cheshire Cat would say "it depends".Dr Sandip Dhole
Monash University
14 AugustManagement and MarketingValue of Collective Well-Being in OrganisationsDr Gauri Laud
University of Tasmania
28 AugustManagement and MarketingUniversity Governing Boards and Decision Making Processes: Extant evidence and reflections for future researchProf Teevan Soobaroyen
University of Essex
28 AugustCoBE Research WorkshopResearch CollaborationProf David Greenfield
University of Tasmania
4 SeptemberAccounting & FinanceAccounting and Labour Mobility in the PacificGlenn Finau
University of Tasmania
11 SeptemberManagement and MarketingIndian transgender women creating social value through social entrepreneurshipDr Roshni Narendran
University of Tasmania
11 SeptemberEconomics and FinanceIncome Inequality in an Era of Globalisation: The Perils of Taking a Global ViewProf Ranjan Ray
Monash University
18 SeptemberEconomics and FinanceStress Test Failures and Corporate Mergers and AcquisitionsDr Buhui Qiu
The University of Sydney
25 SeptemberEconomics and FinanceProduct switching and efficiency loss in a declining small-scale fisheryDr Satoshi Yamazaki
University of Tasmania
25 SeptemberManagement and MarketingSubjective Experiences of Positive Impact in Social Enterprises: Working for Impact, Perceiving ImpactDr Wee Chan Au
Monash University Malaysia
25 SeptemberCoBE Research WorkshopResearch Engagement and CommunicationProf Craig Deegan
University of Tasmania
9 OctoberManagement and MarketingTales of Precarity: Understanding affective experiences of precarious work through visual storytellingA/Prof Tim Butcher
University of Tasmania
9 OctoberAccounting and FinanceCritical Analysis of the Integration of ICT and Data Analytic Competencies in the Accounting Curriculum: A multidimensional perspectiveProf Jacqueline Birt
15 October Accounting and FinanceIssues to consider in designing a significant research project: planning for impact from the startProf Craig Deegan
University of Tasmania
16 OctoberEconomics and FinanceRunning to Stand Still: Common Property Induced Inertia in the Spatial CommonsA/Prof Yutaro Sakai
University of Tokyo
23 OctoberEconomics and FinanceTBADr Bao Nguyen
University of Tasmania
23 OctoberAccounting and FinanceCEO ability, career concerns, firms' lifecycle and investments in intellectual capitalDr Muhammad Nadeem (University of Otago)
20 OctoberEconomics and FinanceTBAA/Prof Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo
University of Melbourne
30 OctoberEconomics and FinanceTBAProf Swee-Hoon Chuah
University of Tasmania

Visiting Scholars and Distinguished Visitors

In 2019, TSBE is delighted to welcome eminent and emerging scholars from around the world.

  • Prof Sumit Lodhia, Professor of Accounting, University of South Australia
  • Prof Natalie Churyk, William F. Doyle Endowed Professor of Accountancy, Northern Illinois University
  • Prof Jim Murphy, Professor of Economics, University of Alaska Anchorage

Recent visitors to TSBE include:

  • Prof Mary Morgan, Professor of History and Philosophy of Economics, LSE
  • Prof Rolf Färe, Professor of Economics and Applied Economics, Oregon State University
  • Prof Emerita Shawna Grosskopf, Economics Program, Oregon State University
  • Prof. Dr. Ko de Ruyter, City University London – Cass Business School and Maastricht University and UNSW
  • Prof Tammy Allen, Professor of Psychology, University of South Florida
  • Prof Giuseppe Cavaliere, Professor of Econometrics, University of Bologna
  • Prof Jan Jacobs, Department of Economics, University of Groningen and TSBE Visiting Professor
  • Prof Denise Osborn, Professor of Econometrics, University of Manchester and TSBE Visiting Professor
  • Prof. Dr. René Kemp, Professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT and Professor of Innovation and Sustainable Development at ICIS, Maastricht University
  • Prof Ngo Van Long, Professor of Economics, McGill University
  • Prof Francis Tapon, Professor of Economics, University of Guelph
  • Prof Robert Taylor, Professor of Financial Econometrics, University of Essex
  • Prof Timo Teräsvirta, Professor of Economics, Aarhus University

We host the Giblin Lecture annually alongside the Economic Society of Australia (Tasmania Branch) in memory of Lyndhurst Giblin. Lyndhurst Falkiner Giblin, a Tasmanian born economist (1982-1951), played an important role in the evolution of economic policy making in Australia. He served as the Tasmanian Government Statistician, acting Commonwealth Statistician and advised on Tariff and Depression policy, as well as seeing active duty in the First World War. His academic positions of note include the inaugural Ritchie Chair of Economic Research at the University of Melbourne. The Giblin Lecture aims to stimulate economic debate on topics of the day.

Year Title and linkAuthor
2019 Whither or Wither Broad Based Policy Reform? Professor John Hewson
2018 Companies Behaving Badly Mr Rod Sims
2017 The Global Growth Slump: Causes and Consequences Dr John Williams
2016 The Migration Crisis and Refugee Policy in Europe Professor Timothy J. Hatton
2015 Market Design: Creating Better Institutions Professor Jacob Goeree
2014 The Australian labour market: The more things change...(PDF 355KB) Professor Jeff Borland
2012 Housing and the Distribution of Wealth Associate Professor Judith Yates
2011 Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Responses Dr Ken Henry
2010 Financial Regulation and the Crisis Professor Charles Goodhart
2009 Do Better Schools Lead to More Growth? Professor Eric Hanushek
2008 Climate Change Policy Post 2012 Professor Warwick McKibbon
2007 Economics, Property Rights and Fishery Management (PDF 101.5KB) Professor Harry Campbell
2006 The Duel of Honour: Screening for Unobserved Social Capital Professor Douglas Allen
2005 The Information Revolution and the Moral Economy of Innovation (PDF 157.2KB) Professor John Quiggin
2004 Does Rising Inequality Harm the Middle Class? (PDF 146.3KB) Professor Robert Frank
2003 The Past and Future of Competition Law (PDF 273.2KB) Professor Allan Fels
2001 Movements in the Interests Rates (PDF 38.4KB) Mr Ian MacFarlane
2000 The E-Business Revolution (PDF 105.7KB) Professor Ian R. Harper
1998 Implications of the Asian Currency Crisis and the Debt Crisis of the 1980s (PDF 53.4KB) Professor Anne Krueger
1997 Privatization, Competitive Entry and Rational Rules for Residual Regulation (PDF 98.9KB) Professor William J. Baumol
1996 The Economics of Politics and the Politics of Economics (PDF 53.0KB) Professor Geoffrey Brennan

The CPA Australia (Tasmanian Division) in conjunction with Accounting and Corporate Governance presents an annual Research Lecture for academics, teachers, students, accountants and the business and government community in Tasmania. The inaugural Research Lecture was held in Hobart and Launceston on 5 and 6 April 1990. The Research Lecture has been annual event ever since.

The Tasmanian School of Business and Economics has been honoured with visits by many distinguished speakers over the years. The presenters of the Annual Research Lectures are listed below:


Presenter: Professor Lisa McManus FCPA

Title: Tasmanian School of Business & Economics Strategy Update


Presenter: Dr Dean Hanlon

Title: Are financial reports still useful to investors?


Presenter: Emeritus Professor Gary O'Donovan FCPA

Title: The future isn't what it used to be – 45 years of accounting education: A personal reflection


Presenter: Mike Blake FCPA

Title: Accounting and Auditing in the Public Interest


Presenter: Jane Andrew CPA

Title: The political potency of accounting – the influence of accounting on public policy


Presenter: Phil Hancock FCPA

Title: The Next Generation of Accountants


Presenter: Michelle Roach CPA

Title: Good Corporate Governance


Presenter: Professor Gordon Boyce

Title: Accounting, accountability and responsibility: Pillars of national integrity


Presenter: Professor Ken McPhail

Title: Human Rights and Accountability.


Presenter: Professor Kim Langfield-Smith

Title: Global accounting education standards: facilitating access, convergence and implementation.


Presenter: Professor Roger Buritt

Title: Reporting and assurance of sustainability issues: what are the drivers?


Presenter: Emeritus Professor Michael Gaffikin

Title: Professional Issues in Contemporary Accounting - What are the Problems and Issues Facing the Discipline of Accounting and how can the Profession Work Together to Take a Proactive Role?


Presenter: Professor Brendan O'Connell

Title: HIH, the AWB: Lessons Learned and Where to From Here?


Presenter: Professor Keryn Chalmers

Title: Globalisation of Accounting Standards: The Why, How and Impact


Presenter: Professor Dave Owen

Title: Corporate Sustainability Reporting - Accountability or Spin?


Presenter: Professor James Guthrie

Title: A Review of New Public Financial Management Change in Australia.


Presenter: Professor Peter Wolnizer

Title: A Cure for Enronitis?


Presenter: Professor Stewart Leech

Title: Understanding the impact of information systems on decision making by professional accountants.


Presenter: Professor Ken Trotman Professor of Accounting, University of New South Wales

Title: Auditor Judgment Research - Findings and Implications for Practice


Presenter: Professor Bruce Grundy Professor of Finance, University of Melbourne

strong>Title: Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation: An Economic Perspective.


Presenter: Professor Philip Brown Professor of Accounting, University of Western Australia

Title: Politics and Processes: The Future of Australian Accounting Standards


Presenter: Professor Stanley Biggs KPMG Peat Marwick Professor of Accounting, University of Connecticut

Title: Analytical Procedures: Promise, Problems, and Implications for Practice


Presenter: Professor Jayne Godfrey Professor of Accounting and Finance, University of Tasmania

Title: Accounting as an Economic Tool: Implications for Accountants and Regulators


Presenter: Professor Ron Weber Professor of Commerce, University of Queensland

Title: Corporate Governance and Information Technology: Some Implications for Accountants and Auditors


Presenter: Professor Peter Brownell Ernst and Young Professor of Accounting, University of Melbourne

Title: Research Directions in Management Accounting


Presenter: Professor Greg Whittred Professor of Accounting and Finance, Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New south Wales

Title: Innovation, Regulation and the Role of Financial Accounting Research


Presenter: Professor Robert Chenhall Professor of Accounting, Monash University

Title: Strategic Management Accounting: an Essential Aspect of Developing Competitive Business Strategies


Presenter: Professor Lee D. Parker
Head, Accounting and Finance Discipline, The Flinders University of South Australia

Title: Ethics and Discipline in the Australian Accounting Profession


Presenter: Professor Peter Easton Price Waterhouse Professor of Accounting and Finance, Macquarie University and
Visiting Professor of Accounting, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago

Title: The Stock Market's Perception of Accounting Information