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Application for appeal against parking infringement notice

If you wish to appeal your parking infringement, you must lodge an appeal with Campus Services via the electronic form below. Appeals must be lodged within five (5) days of the infringement issue date. If you have difficulty filling in this form, please contact Campus Services.

Please note that parking officers capture photographic evidence of vehicles for which infringement notices are issued.

Appeals are almost never granted for any of the following reasons:

  • assigning an incorrect vehicle registration against a University ePermit
  • photos are takennon-display of a permit or with a permit displayed in such a manner that it cannot be clearly observed from outside the vehicle
  • parking in a voucher zone without display of a valid voucher or with an expired voucher
  • parking in a permit zone without a permit
  • parking in a disability parking space without a University access permit
  • parking in a numbered parking space which does not correspond to the one to which access has been granted
  • parking causing an obstruction or in an area not marked or indicated for the parking of vehicles such as lawns, footpaths or gardens.

The following reasons are not grounds for withdrawal of a parking infringement:

  • An appointment ran overtime
  • I did not have change for the meter
  • I could not find another space
  • It was raining
  • I did not notice the sign or did not read it correctly

Voucher Display

If your vehicle is parked in a voucher area, you must display your parking voucher on the dashboard of your car so that the time and date on the parking voucher are clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Note that you will receive a parking infringement ticket if:

  • The voucher is placed upside down (with the time and date facing down).
  • The voucher time and date is fully or partially obscured by a windscreen wiper or some other object.
  • The voucher is folded so as to obscure the time and date.
  • Examples of incorrectly displayed vouchers:

upside down and obscured tickets

Infringements issued where vouchers are incorrectly or not displayed will not be withdrawn.

Vehicle owner details

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Maximum file size for upload is 5MB.

You will receive an email confirmation of your appeal once lodged. If you do not receive this confirmation message, please ensure all fields and are complete and the upload file size before trying again.