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Bicycle parking

Cycling is a great way to get to campus. Our campuses offer a range of bicycle facilities, including one or a mix of:

  • major bike hubs (complete with repair stations, water refill stations, eBike charging facilities and publicly accessible showers available nearby)
  • individual bike lockers
  • standard bike racks at or near entrances to most buildings
  • secure bike storage rooms (Medical Science Precinct, IMAS Hobart Waterfront and West Park campus)

Cycling facilities are under constant development and are details kept up to date on our campus maps for Hobart, Launceston and Burnie campuses. See our campuses page for details.

There are major bike hubs at the Sandy Bay, Inveresk, and West Park campuses.

Sandy Bay campus
  • e-bike charging points (standard 240V power points; user to supply own charging cable)
  • repair station
  • individual bike lockers (housing the e-bike charging points)
  • bike storage racks
  • water refill station

For location details, refer to the Sandy Bay campus guide

Inveresk campus
  • e-bike charging points
  • repair station
  • bike storage racks
  • water refill stations (all locations)

For location details, refer to the Inveresk campus guide

West Park campus
  • Secure bike storage room
  • e-bike charging points
  • repair station
  • bike storage racks/hoops
  • water refill station

For location details, refer to the West Park campus guide

Individual, lockable bike lockers are available on the Sandy Bay, Newnham and Domain campuses.

Sandy Bay campus
  • Eight (8) vertical bike lockers are located on the Dobson Road side of the Morris Miller Library building
  • Six (6) horizontal bike lockers with electric bike charging points are located in the Sandy Bay bike hub between Alexander Street and Dobson Road. Note: these are standard 240V power points and users are required to supply their own charging cable.
  • Further details on locker location can be found on the Sandy Bay campus guide.
Newnham campus
  • 10 horizontal lockers are available at various locations on the Newnham campus
  • Further details on location can be found on the Newnham campus guide.
Domain campus
  • Five (5) horizontal lockers are available  near the entrance to the School of Nursing building on the Domain campus.

Lockers can be hired free of charge. To apply for a locker, simply fill in and sign the bike locker application and email it to Campus Services.

  • Be sure to park your bike in designated bicycle racks or lockers provided on all campuses.
  • Bicycles attached to trees, handrails, signposts or fixtures on access ramps can and may be removed by University security.
  • Bicycles or bike locks left on campus for long periods of time will be considered abandoned and may be removed.
  • Enquiries relating to abandoned, removed or stolen bicycles should be directed to University  Security.
  • Police recommend that bicycles are secured with a good quality bike lock. Cable locks and chains are less secure than U-shaped steel locks. Please ensure you take your lock with you when collecting your bike.
  • The roads on and around University campuses and sites are public roads and public road rules apply. This includes the requirement to wear a helmet and comply with speed limits on University roads.
  • You must dismount when taking your bike along walkways on campus.

Bicycle parking facilities that are kept secure via access control or a manual locking mechanism must not be left open under any circumstances. Penalties may apply to anyone providing unauthorised access to bicycle parking areas and secured facilities.

Cyclists bring bikes to University sites and campuses at their own risk. The University does not accept any liability for damage to or theft of bicycles and related equipment.