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Parking on campus

UTAS has a very limited number of parking spaces available on each campus. Students, staff and visitors are permitted to park in designated car parking areas. With the exception of Hobart CBD sites, most campuses have voucher (pay and display) voucher facilities for visitors and short term parking.

Parking Signs and Line Marking

Parking areas are indicated by signs, and parking bays are marked with coloured dots:

  • Blue dots (and 'voucher parking' sign) - voucher parking
  • Red dots (and 'student permit' sign) - student permit
  • White dots (and 'staff permit' sign) - staff permit or temporary permit issued by the University
  • Green dots (and 'resident permit' sign) - student resident permit

Permanent and temporary signage should be observed at all times. Infringements are issued for vehicles parked outside designated areas, without a valid voucher or permit or contravening University By-Laws.

Parking Area Maps

Visit campus maps for location of car parks on the Inveresk and Cradle Coast campuses.

Voucher Zone - Blue Dot

Pay and display voucher zones are located on several campuses. Please observe all signage and ensure you are parked in a marked voucher space. A valid ticket must be purchased and displayed on the dashboard when parked in a voucher zone.

Note that ticket dispensing machines accept coins only; credit card facilities are not currently available.

Student Zone - Red Dot

Designated student permit zones are located on the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses. Enrolled students who meet the eligibility criteria can obtain a permit from U Connect. Holding a student permit does not guarantee that a space will be a available.

Student permit zones are identified on the parking location maps for Sandy Bay (PDF) and Newnham (PDF).

Staff Zone - White Dot

Staff permits are available for eligible staff and allow parking in signposted areas on most campuses. General staff permits entitle a holder to park in a designated staff permit space where available but do not guarantee availability or space at any location. Payment can be made upfront or by fortnightly salary deduction for permanent and part-time staff members, read more or apply for a staff permit here.

Dedicated spaces are available in some CBD sites and for senior executive staff members, contact Campus Services for additional information.

Resident Zone - Green Dot

Resident parking zones are located on the Sandy Bay, Newnham and Inveresk campuses. You must display a resident permit to park in resident parking areas. Contact Accommodation Services for information on the pricing and eligibility for resident parking permits.

In addition to the 'green dot' resident designated areas, resident permits also entitle holders to park in student parking 'red dot' zones.

Please observe all notices include time restrictions and temporary signage as parking locations may change and infringement issued will be issued. If you live on campus and have guests visiting, please make sure your guests are aware of any parking restrictions and that they only park in visitor or unrestricted parking.

Temporary Permits and Reserved Spaces

Some spaces are reserved for specific uses such as commercial vehicles, disability access parking, or University service vehicle or school vehicle parking and are not available for general parking. Other areas may have time limits.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to note all signs and park accordingly as it may be necessary to make changes or close areas at any time.

Temporary parking permits may be issued by some faculty and University departments. Vehicles displaying a temporary permit must ensure they park in the nominated space or zone to avoid receiving an infringement.

Restricted Staff Parking at Hobart City Sites

Permit areas at some UTAS sites in Hobart are restricted to staff located at those sites. Currently, restrictions apply at the Conservatorium of Music (Tasmanian College of the Arts) on Sandy Bay Road, the Tasmanian College of the Arts in Hunter Street, the Domain, the Medical Science Precinct, and IMAS on Castray Esplanade. Signs or special permits govern parking in these areas. Standard staff permits are not valid on these sites.