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CBD parking information

CBD permit parking locations

Staff parking permits for the following locations are charged at the CBD staff parking permit rates:

  • Melville Street, Hobart
  • The Domain, Hobart
  • The Tasmanian College of the Arts, Hunter Street, Hobart

Staff who hold a CBD staff parking permit are permitted to park in standard staff permit parking bays on the Sandy Bay, Newnham and Inveresk campuses in addition to their nominated CBD site.

Each of the CBD sites has a limited number of staff parking bays. The number of CBD permits sold for each CBD site matches the number of CBD parking bays at each site. CBD parking bays are allocated at the discretion of the school or faculty attached to the CBD site. Staff are permitted to share a permit, but please note that shared permits will still be processed, recorded and paid for under one name, so any sharing arrangement would be the staff members' responsibility.

How to apply for a Hobart CBD parking permit

Contact your head of school/faculty/institute via the following contacts to request a CBD parking space (or to be put on a waiting list if all spaces have been allocated):

  • Medical Science Precinct and other CBD locations: Derek Story
  • Tasmanian College of the Arts, Hunter Street: Derek Story

Payment options for CBD staff permits are:

  1. Fortnightly salary sacrifice
  2. One-off credit card payment.

Cancelling a CBD staff parking permit

If you wish to cancel or return a parking permit for a CBD space, please return it to your site contact listed above. Once returned they will notify Campus Services who will ensure that your payment deduction is cancelled accordingly.