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Short-term vehicle hire

Budget Rent-a-Car (Budget) is the University’s nominated provider of short-term vehicle hire services for University staff and postgraduate students. Budget is responsible for providing suitable vehicles to staff and postgraduate students requiring vehicles for essential work- or course-related travel within Tasmania.

  • Bookings for all vehicles must be made via PurchaseNow
  • Pickup locations, vehicle types and costs are displayed during the booking process.

For more information please see how to book a vehicle below.

Opening hours for pick-up and drop-off locations are included in the frequently asked questions section below.

Vehicle bookings are made through PurchaseNow, the University's procurement system.

To book a medium or small car or an SUV:

  1. Log into PurchaseNow
  2. Select 'Budget Rent a Car' from the list of suppliers
  3. Click on 'Car Rental'
  4. Select your required car category (Medium Car, Small Car or SUV)
  5. Select your key pick-up and drop-off times and locations, enter the drive details and any special instructions.
  6. Enter the number of days you require the vehicle in the 'Add to Cart' field on the top right (1 day = 24 hours or less; hire period begins at time of key collection)
  7. Click on the 'Add to Cart' button
  8. Click on the shopping cart to check out your booking item to raise a purchase order. (See the PurchaseNow training tools page if you require training in how to check out an item and raise a purchase order.)
  9. Once Budget receives your purchase order, they will send you a booking confirmation.

Download detailed PurchaseNow booking instructions (PDF 480KB) PDF 480.5 KB

How to book a special-purpose (non-standard) vehicle

Special-purpose vehicles require a quotation prior to booking. Please note that this is a two-step process:

1. Request a quote via PurchaseNow (see detailed instructions below).

2. Create a purchase order from the quote (once received).

Detailed instructions for the booking process for non-standard vehicles are available below.

  1. Log into PurchaseNow and select 'Budget Rent a Car' from the list of suppliers.
  2. Click on 'Request a Quote and the select RFQ Type: 'Budget Non-standard Vehicle Quote'. Enter an 'RFQ Name' and add a quote response date - i.e. the date that you require a quote (Should be at least 3 days from the date you request the quote.)
  3. Select the type of vehicle required from the drop-down list, and complete the driver, pick-up and drop-off details. Click 'Next'.
  4. Check that Budget is the selected supplier and click 'Next'
  5. The default email field will appear. Click on 'Next'
  6. Your quote request confirmation will appear. Click 'Finish' to send the quote request to Budget. Once Budget receives your quote request, they will contact you with any queries and then send you a quote via PurchaseNow.
  7. Once you receive an automated email from PurchaseNow to indicate that your quote is available, log into PurchaseNow and view the 'Requests for Quote' box on the bottom right of the screen and click on the quote. This will add the quote to your cart.
  8. Proceed to checkout (for more information about how to check out an item, see the PurchaseNow training tools page) and complete the purchase order. Upon receipt of your purchase order, Budget will send you a confirmation email to confirm your booking.

NB. Your vehicle booking is not complete until you have created a purchase order.

Download detailed PurchaseNow request for quote instructions (PDF 410KB)


If you are involved in an accident you should first check on the health and wellbeing of all passengers and, if necessary, arrange for any emergency medical treatment by calling 000. Drivers should also contact UTAS Security (Hobart - 6226 7600 or Launceston -  6324 3444) to advise that an accident has occurred and what action you have taken.

If the vehicle is involved in an accident that results in damage to the vehicle, you should contact Budget to advise them that an accident has occurred before moving the vehicle. The Budget Accident Information brochure contained in the driver’s hire pack contains instructions on what to do if you are involved in an accident.

For all incidents/accidents, drivers are required to lodge an incident report through MySafety.


Budget provides a 24/7 breakdown service which covers all inherent mechanical faults provided those faults have not arisen due to any unauthorised use of the vehicle. The breakdown service is included in the rental hire price.

The 24/7 breakdown service contact number is 1800 656 550.

The phone number to access this service is on the key tag of the vehicle you have hired and there is also an information brochure in the travel pack allocated with the vehicle. The travel pack also contains a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Please note that some roadside assistance services incur a roadside assistance fee due to the services required not arising from an inherent mechanical fault. These include:

  • refuelling because the vehicle has run out of fuel
  • changing a flat tyre
  • provision of spare keys where the driver has lost the keys to the vehicle
  • unlocking the vehicle because the driver has locked the keys in the vehicle
  • provision of a replacement battery or a ‘jump start’ where the vehicle has a flat battery due to the driver leaving the lights, air conditioning, entertainment system(s) or other electrical equipment running whilst the ignition is off.

Please refer to the rental agreement for full details. Where drivers avail themselves of the above services, the UTAS budget centre will be back-charged the roadside assistance fee charged by Budget to supply the service, as outlined in the Rental Agreement.

It is important to ensure that you return fleet vehicles at the required time as bookings are often made with tight turn-around times.

All vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel. Each vehicle is issued a fuel card that is used for purchasing fuel.

If you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, please advise Budget as soon as possible (within office hours). This allows Budget to reorganise other bookings or hire additional vehicles from outside if necessary.

To minimise additional hire fees, drivers are encouraged to carefully plan their trip to ensure that vehicles are returned within the booking timeframe.


Vehicles are available to authorised University drivers only. All new drivers must submit the driver authorisation form in Service Now

Fines and traffic infringements

The Police or councils will forward fines/infringements to Budget who will in turn forward it to the person that signed the Rental Agreement (in most cases, the driver). The person that signed the rental agreement will need to ensure that the infringement notice is directed to the person that incurred the infringement, who is advised to pay the fine within the required time limit. The Change of Driver form (which will be held by Campus Services) contains details of the driver driving the vehicle at the time the infringement was incurred.

Budget - Sandy Bay campus

6 Grace Street
Sandy Bay

Phone: 0484 002 532

Budget - Newnham campus

Building T8 (Infrastructure Services & Development office)
Newnham campus

Phone: 03 63 252904

Locations and opening hours

Q: Does Budget provide services to all UTAS campuses and sites?
A: Budget is the preferred supplier for short-term vehicle hire services for all campuses and sites within Tasmania, excluding the Cradle Coast campus.

Q: Where do I pick up the vehicle and what are the opening hours?
A: Budget has offices on site at the Newnham and Sandy Bay campuses, at locations in the Hobart and Launceston CBDs and at the Hobart, Launceston and Devonport airports. See the pick up and drop off locations page.

Vehicles may be collected from and returned to any of these destinations. Please note that there is a vehicle collection fee (approximately 20% of the hire price) for collection from airport venues. There are no fees for vehicle returns.

Q: Does the Cradle Coast Campus still have its own ‘pool’ of UTAS vehicles?
A: Yes. The three University-owned pool vehicles currently based at the Cradle Coast campus have been retained and can be booked in the usual manner.  
Budget does not have an office in Burnie. If there are insufficient UTAS pool cars to meet the needs of staff travelling to/from the Cradle Coast campus, an alternate local car hire service may be used. Cradle Coast staff sourcing STVH services to travel to/from Devonport airport must use Budget as their STVH service provider.

Making a booking

Q: How do I book a vehicle?
A: From Monday 29 January 2018, vehicles can be booked through PurchaseNow. See 'How to book a vehicle' below for PurchaseNow instructions.

Q: How far in advance do I need to make my booking?
A: Provision of a standard vehicle is guaranteed for bookings made with 24 hours' notice. Bookings must be made within office hours.

Q: Who can make a booking?
A: Vehicles are available to licensed and authorised University staff and students (for additional information on licence conditions refer to the UTAS Minimum Driving Standard). If you are booking a vehicle for the first time, you will need to fill out a driver authorisation form which needs to be approved by your line manager before you are able to book a vehicle. Driver authorisation forms can be accessed and completed via the Staff Services Portal.

Vehicle selection

Q: Can I choose which vehicle I want to hire?
A: The University has negotiated rates for small, medium and large vehicles and SUVs which are listed in the Budget catalogue on PurchaseNow. Drivers are guaranteed a vehicle in the vehicle category that they nominate. The make or model provided is dependent on the vehicles that Budget has available to allocate. Examples of small, medium and large vehicles and SUVs include:

  • Small – Kia Rio or similar
  • Medium – Nissan Pulsar or similar
  • SUV – Nissan XTraill or similar

For any vehicle categories not listed above (for example, 12-seater buses), you need to submit a Request for Quote via PurchaseNow. Please note Luxury vehicles cannot be booked.

Q: What type of vehicle should I select?
A: You should select a vehicle that is suitable to the activity you are undertaking. The University’s Authorised Vehicles Minimum Standard (PDF 152.5KB) provides guidance on the types of vehicle most suited to a range of activities.

Q: What happens if Budget runs out of vehicles for hire?
A: Under the University’s service agreement with Budget, the provision of vehicles in the Budget 'catalogue' on PurchaseNow is guaranteed, as long as a minimum of 24 hours' notice of the booking (within office hours, Monday to Friday) is provided. Bookings made with less than this amount of notice will be assessed on a case-by-case basis with no guarantee that a vehicle will be made available.

Collecting and dropping off the vehicle

Q: Do I have to sign anything when I pick up the vehicle?
A: Yes. The person taking receipt of the vehicle and keys will be required to sign a Budget rental agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental. Under Budget processes, the person taking receipt of the vehicle is the person listed on the rental agreement. As with the previous internal process, changes in driver we will need to be recorded so that the correct person is identified as the driver if a driving infringement is incurred.

Q: What if I can’t pick up the vehicle at any of these times. Is there a University staff member that can give me the keys?
A: The provision of STVH is a commercial arrangement between the University and Budget. University employees are not able to provide keys to staff or students on behalf of Budget. It is important that staff make time to collect their vehicle when the Budget office is attended. Opening hours have been extended at the end of the day to provide an extended window within which staff are able to collect vehicles.

Q: Can I pick up the vehicle the night before?
A: Yes. For drivers who wish to get an early start (i.e. pick up vehicles earlier than the above on-campus opening times) the Budget offices in the Hobart and Launceston CBD locations are open from 7.30 am Monday to Friday. For drivers who need to be on the road even earlier than this, vehicles can be collected the night before (during Budget’s opening hours). Hire fees will take effect from the time the driver takes receipt of the vehicle, as was the case with the previous internal service. Vehicles need to be parked off street (i.e. in the driveway or other off-street parking space) when at a staff member’s home and can only be used for work purposes.

Q: I leave early on a Monday morning before the Budget office is open. What options do I have to get a vehicle early without having to pay hire fees over the weekend?
A: The University, when it owned its own pool vehicles, did not allow drivers to house the vehicle at their home address over the weekend. Drivers were required to collect the vehicle on the Sunday prior to travel. This is the same process under the new service. Vehicles may be collected on a Sunday from Budget CBD locations. See above for weekend opening hours. Vehicles must be kept off street when housed at the staff member’s home and can only be used for work purposes.

Q: If I am picking my vehicle up from the city/airport or out of hours, how do I collect my fuel card package?
A: Fuel cards can be collected from the following locations, either earlier in the day or the day before:

  • Budget Office – Newnham, T8 Building
  • Budget Office – Sandy Bay, 6 Grace Street
  • Cradle Coast (TIA) – Julie Overall
  • The Conservatorium of Music – Leanne Nazzari
  • IMAS Hobart – Reception
  • Centre for the Arts, Hunter Street – Reception
  • Medical Science Precinct – Reception
  • Melville Street Apartments – Helen Eastley (Underwood Centre)
  • Inveresk – Nicole Dobber
  • Rural Clinical School, Burnie – Christine Reynolds

Fuel cards need to be returned to the same place they were collected from on the completion of your car hire.  On the occasions that it has been a one way hire, please return the fuel card to either the Sandy Bay or Newnham campus Budget office.

Fees and charges

Q: What is the minimum hire period?
A: Vehicles are charged at a per-day rate. 1 day = 24 hours or less. The rental period commences from the time the rental agreement is signed.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for accident insurance?
A: In most cases, vehicles have a zero excess for most accidents except in cases of overhead or under-body damage or water damage. The rental agreement sets out full details of exclusions that apply.

Q: How do I pay for fuel?
A: All vehicles are hired with a full tank of fuel. Each vehicle is issued a fuel card as was the case with the previous internal service. Staff are required to return vehicles with a full tank of fuel. Fuel is paid for from a central fuel budget and fuel charges are not back-charged to the hiring business unit.

Q: What if forget to fill up the vehicle before I return it?
A: Vehicles returned less than full (whether empty or only partially filled) will be filled by Budget at a rate of $2.60 per litre plus taxes. Fuel costs incurred due to the vehicle needing to be refilled by Budget will be back-charged to the hiring school/section/institute.

Drivers must ensure they refill the vehicle using the fuel card provided, prior to returning the vehicle. Not only will this save the University money, but it will ensure the next driver can commence their journey without needing to refuel first.

Budget has offices on site at the Newnham and Sandy Bay campuses, at locations in the Hobart and Launceston CBDs and at the Hobart, Launceston and Devonport airports.

Vehicles may be collected from and returned to any of these destinations. Please note that there is a vehicle collection fee (approximately 20% of the hire price) for collection from airport venues. There are no fees for vehicle returns.

Budget office location details are as follows:

Sandy Bay campus
6 Grace Street
Opening hours: Effective 5th July 2021

Monday - Friday:  8.00am - 10.00am (vehicle returns are permitted outside these hours with keys in return box).

Saturday & Sunday: Closed | Vehicle drop off only. Office is unmanned and keys to be returned to the key return box.

Newnham campus
Room 108
Building T8
Opening hours: Effective 5th July 2021

Monday - Friday:  8.00am - 10.00am (vehicle returns are permitted outside these hours).

Saturday & Sunday: Closed | Vehicle drop off only. Office is unmanned and keys to be returned to the key return box.

Hobart CBD

96 Harrington St
Hobart Tas 7000
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5pm; Saturday 8am to 4pm; Sunday and public holidays 8am to 3pm

Launceston CBD
76 Frederick St
Launceston Tas 7250
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pm; Sunday and public holidays 8.30am to 12.30pm

Hobart Airport
Domestic Terminal
Opening hours vary according to incoming flight times; check with Budget

Launceston Airport
Airport Road
Opening hours vary according to incoming flight times; check with Budget

Devonport Airport
Terminal Building
Opening hours vary according to incoming flight times; check with Budget

Devonport Ferry Terminal
Opening hours: 6.30am to 7.30am and 6.30pm to 7.30pm every day