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New Sequencer In The Molecular Genetics Facility Dramatically Increasing Research Workflow

The CSL’s new Sanger DNA sequencing ABI 3500 Genetic Analysis System is enabling rapid confirmation of gene products. The system is receiving increased interest from researchers because of its superior throughput and sensitivity.

Below are 3 recent examples of the use of the new instrument:

ARC Future Fellow A/Prof Eloise Foo’s team is examining the role of plant hormones and other mobile signals in plant symbioses with beneficial microbes. Plants form intimate associations with nutrient acquiring fungi and bacteria and this project hopes to uncover novel ways we might harness this for future crop improvement. The sequencer is being used to rapidly confirm cloned gene products.

School of Medicine Epigeneticist Philippa Taberlay’s research focuses on distal regulatory elements and three-dimensional aspects of gene control. She is seeking to delineate mechanisms of epigenetic reprogramming in development, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders. Currently her team is designing and optimising an assay using the CSL’s system, that combines chromatin immunoprecipitation with NOMe-seq to determine methylation status, nucleosome positioning, and protein occupancy simultaneously on the same strand of DNA.

A Menzies research group headed by Prof. Alex Hewitt is focused on the directed evolution of proteins using mutagenic viruses. Sanger sequencing forms an integral part of the QC process in which the 'gene pool' is sampled after each round to determine the dominant allele present within the population of viruses. The cloning of the transgene into a bacterial vector permits long-read sequencing of the DNA sequence of interest and provides a robust, rapid and reliable method for quantifying potential mutants of interest.

Image attribution: Giles K.A., Taberlay P.C. (2019) The Role of Nucleosomes in Epigenetic Gene Regulation. In: Hesson L., Pritchard A. (eds) Clinical Epigenetics. Springer, Singapore.

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Published on: 05 Oct 2020 2:29pm