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Projects & Publications

There is already a core body of joint publications on geoengineering law and governance by McGee/Brent/McDonald/Gogarty at the UTAS Law Faculty comprising of six published journal articles, including in leading international journals such as Nature: Climate Change and Climate Law.

Below is a list of climate intervention governance publications by proposed AFCIG members:

I. Journal Articles

  • Kerryn Brent, Jan McDonald, Jeffrey McGee & Brendan Gogarty, ‘Carbon Dioxide Removal Geoengineering and Australian Law’ (forthcoming – Australian Law Journal).
  • Kerryn Brent, Jeffrey McGee, Jan McDonald & Eelco J Rohling, ‘International law poses problems for negative emissions research’ (2018) 8(6) Nature Climate Change 451.
  • Jeffrey McGee, Kerryn Brent & Wil Burns, 'Geoengineering the oceans: an emerging frontier in international climate change governance' (2018) 10(1) Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs 67.
  • Kerryn Brent, Jeffrey McGee & Jan McDonald, ‘The Governance of Geoengineering: An Emerging Challenge for International and Domestic Legal Systems?’ (2016) 24(1) Journal of Law, Information & Science, EAP 1.
  • Phil W Boyd & M Bressac, ‘Developing a test-bed for robust research governance of geoengineering: the contribution of ocean iron biogeochemistry’ (2016) 374(2081) Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Article 20150299
  • Phil W Boyd, ‘Development of geopolitically relevant ranking criteria for geoengineering methods’ (2016) 4(11) Earth’s Future 523.
  • Kerryn Brent, Jeffrey McGee & Amy Maguire, ‘Does the ‘No-Harm Rule’ have a Role in Preventing Transboundary Harm and Harm to the Global Atmospheric Commons from Geoengineering?’ (2015) 5(1) Climate Law, 35.
  • Hajar Benmazhar, Kerryn Brent, Haomiao Du, Viliamu Iese, Salif Kone, Nigel Moore, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Vivian Scott, Jordan Smith, Anita Talberg, Michael Thompson, Zhihong Zhuo, ‘Climate Engineering: Early Reflections on a Complex Conversation’ (2015) 5(2-4) Climate Law, 295.
  • Kerryn Brent & Jeffrey McGee, ‘The regulation of geoengineering- A gathering storm for international climate change policy?’ (2012) 46(4) Air Quality and Climate Change, 22.
  • B. Gogarty and McGee, J and Brent, K and McDonald, J and Haward, M and King, MA, “Glacier geoengineering needs lawyers too”, Nature, 560 Article 167.

II. Book Chapters

  • Kerryn Brent, Jeffrey McGee and Jan McDonald, ‘Negative emissions and Geoengineering technologies: An Emerging Challenge for International and Domestic Legal Systems’ in Ana Alice de Carli, Elena Aydos and Pedro Curvello Saavedra Avzaradel (eds), O Estado Regulador no Cenario Ambiental (Editora Instituto Planeta Verde, Forthcoming).
  • Kerryn Brent, ‘Solar radiation management geoengineering: an opportunity to develop customary international law for ultra-hazardous activities?’ in Sara Seck, Neil Craik, Timothy Stevens and Cameron Jefferies (eds) International Law, Innovation and the Environment (Cambridge University Press, 2018 Forthcoming)

III. Policy Papers for Government

  • Andrew R Bowie, Julia Jabour, Thomas W Trull, Karina McLachlan, Philip W Boyd, Tony Press, Delphine Lannuzel, Kerryn Brent, Jeffrey McGee, Policy Analysis: Ocean Fertilisation, (2016) Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre