CODES – Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences


CODES 2020 Christmas photo competition results

The 2020 competition was a much smaller affair with COVID19 related travel restrictions resulting in much less field work and fewer excursions. The competition was open without categories, and was restricted to three winners chosen by CODES Director, David Cooke, Deputy Director, Leonid Danyushevky and Earth Sciences Discipline Head, Sebastien Meffre.

The winners for the 2020 competition were:

CODES Director, David Cooke's choice

David Cooke choice 2020

Clare Miller:

‘Honours student Olivia Wilson collecting a sediment core from mine wastes at the legacy Endurance mine in northeastern Tasmania.

CODES Deputy Director, Leonid Danyushevsky's choice

Leonid Danyushevsky choice 2020

Takeshy Coaquira:

‘Remote sampling – Resolution sample selection using Imago.’

Earth Sciences Discipline Head, Sebastien Meffre's choice

Sebastien Meffre choice 2020

Karin Orth:

‘Second-year KEA208 Earth Materials and Interior students undertaking detailed mapping at Piccaninny Point, eastern Tasmania, February 2020.’