CODES – Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences


CODES 2019 Christmas photo competition results

The 2019 competition saw 93 entries across ten categories (categories changed from the inaugural competition in 2018).

The winners in each category for 2019 were:

Program 1: Ore deposits and mineral exploration

Program 1- 2019 winner

Lejun Zhang:

‘Kyle Eastman at Rincones de Araya, Argentina.' (entered by Kyle Eastman)

Program 2: Geometallurgy, geoenvironment and mining

Program 2- 2019 winner

Nathaly Guerrero:

‘David Cooke taking a water sample from the shoreline of King River Delta in Macquarie Harbour.’

Program 3: Sedimentation, tectonics and Earth evolution

Program 3- 2019 winner

Peter McGoldrick:

'Fly Geyser, near Gerlach NW Nevada. These travertine mounds and terraces are a little over 50 years old. They have grown at the site of an abandoned water-well drilled into heated bicarbonate-charged groundwater in the early 1960s.'

Program 4: Magmatic and volcanic processes

Program 4- 2019 winner

Christopher Leslie:

‘Beautiful stop for lunch looking out towards Volcan San Pedro, Northern Chile.'

Program 5: Analytical research

Program 5- 2019 winner

James Tolley:

‘Textural variation in magnetite.' (Leonid said of this image: ‘It’s a beautiful texture, I must admit’.)

Program 6: Geophysics and computational geosciences

Program 6- 2019 winner

Javier Merrill:

‘Where are the rocks!?’ Non-human-friendly output from textural analysis. Hobart, February 2019.’

Training and education

Training and Education- 2019 winner

Angela Escolme:

‘Lejun Zhang and Takeshy Coaquira getting up close with Resolution Cu-Mo porphyry deposit, Arizona, August 2019.’

Industry engagement

Industry Engagement- 2019 winner

Shaun Barker:

‘Dave Cooke with geologists from Glencore and the Geological Survey of Queensland inspecting rocks surrounding the Mary Kathleen Uranium deposit, Northwest Queensland.’


Outreach- 2019 winner

Izzy von Lichtan:

‘Izzy at TMAG for one of the dinosaur discovery days, teaching the public (especially children) about the fossils of Hobart, and geology in general.’


Social- 2019 winner

Tom Schaap:

‘Martin Jutzeler and Karin Orth dressed as rock stars during new year's celebrations on the RV Investigator, somewhere in the Tasman Sea.’