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On campus (face-to-face), distance (online), combination*


Cradle Coast campus
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Semester 1 and Semester 2

* Availability varies by specialisation. Some units are only offered on campus.


The Diploma of University Studies (DUS) is an alternative entry pathway to university study that develops students’ academic skills, subject-specific knowledge and confidence, so that they can successfully transition to a bachelor course. The DUS consists of the following Specialisations: Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Health (for a pathway to Nursing), Health Science, ICT and Science. The Specialisation that a student selects depends on their intended degree. The DUS meets the University of Tasmania’s General Entry Requirements, which means that students will meet entry for many undergraduate degrees. The DUS is a supported pathway for students who do not meet General Entry Requirements for their chosen degree or who want a more supported or graded introduction to university study.

What You Can Get Out of a Pre-Degree

“When I finished high school back nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t finish with the best results. It came to a time in my life when I was thinking, I want to go in a direction that I’ve chosen and be able to give myself more options for employment in the future”.

- Andrew Van Rooyen


To be eligible for the DUS, applicants will be assessed on prior study history and/or a personal competency statement. Assessment for eligibility will be made on the basis of one or more of the following:


Program structure

Each specialisation has been designed in consultation with the relevant College to build your skills and knowledge. Although each specialisation differs, all have a similar structure and include enabling (preparation level) units, course-specific foundation units, and first year (introductory) level units.

The Pre-degree Programs Online Orientation can be accessed here.

Specialisations on offer

Successful completion of this course may provide guaranteed entry into the following:

For more detailed information, please visit the Course and Unit Handbook.

^Students achieving a Credit average or above in this specialisation will also qualify for entry to a Bachelor of Legal Studies.

*Entry into the Engineering specialisation requires Level 2 mathematics (MTG215114 or equivalent).

¥Up to 30 places are available for pathway students into the University of Tasmania’s Bachelor of Nursing (H3D) 3-year program. Other entry is based on merit.

Other resources

Need help applying?

If you would like one-on-one assistance with your University College application, please phone 1800 788 244 during business hours.

We also have more information on our Need help applying page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Enabling and Foundation level unit fees are currently covered by an internal scholarship that is applied after your enrolment. Introductory (First year level) degree units can be covered by HECS.

The majority of university students across Australia choose to defer their student contribution until after they have commenced into the workforce. You can do this by taking out a HECS-HELP loan. This loan can cover all or part of the student contribution amount.

Students undertaking first year level units are also required to pay a student services and amenities fee (SSAF) in proportion to study load. Students who are unable to pay the fee up-front can defer all or part of the fee through an element of the Higher Education Loan Program known as SA-HELP.

There are some textbook, stationery and student material costs that may apply and these are dependent on the units you study.

What support can I get during my studies?

The foundation units included in the DUS are specifically designed to help you build the skills needed for successful degree study and to support you in your learning, while providing the opportunity for you to develop independent study skills.

Dedicated Student Coordinators are available to DUS students, and can provide you with guidance in matters related to your studies. They can also help you liaise with other university staff and student support services.

I’ve decided, now what?

Submit an application for your preferred DUS specialisation. For more information about applying, click here

DUS Contacts
Mike Harris
DUS Student Coordinator

Cradle Coast
  +61 3 6430 4914
Dr Dominic Lennard
DUS Student Coordinator

  +61 3 6226 1558
Allen Baird
DUS Student Coordinator

  +61 3 6324 3335
Dr Sarah Dempster
DUS Course Coordinator

  +61 3 6226 6906
Florence Ko
DUS Student Coordinator

  +61 3 6226 1025

"There had been a five-year gap between finishing college and deciding to attend university. Unfortunately, due to the type of subjects that I studied in college being vocational TAFE units, they did not provide any points towards entering university.

As such, the pre-degree program (Diploma of University Studies) provided the pathway to enter university as it allowed me to refresh and learn the necessary skills that I would need while attending university.  I have followed on from my pre-degree program into an ICT degree at UTAS."

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