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Our diplomas are a 1-year qualification (full-time study or part-time equivalent) that focus on practical learning. They have been developed with flexibility and accessibility in mind.

Designed to provide you with a shorter, sharper and more supported learning journey at university, our diplomas provide students with a unique suite of nested programs. This means they form the first year of a related associate degree across our key study areas.

In 12 months, you will gain real-world knowledge, together with the skills needed to step directly into a job. Upon completion, you will also have the opportunity to extend your study into an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree at the University of Tasmania.


Diploma of Applied Business


Diploma of Applied Health and Community Support


Diploma of Applied Science


Diploma of Applied Technologies

Diploma of Construction Management

Why choose a diploma?

The decision to study at university is an important life choice and the great news is that there are more options than ever before for students to choose from. Selecting a qualification that best aligns with your career goals, your life goals, and that also suits your current circumstances is a sure way to set yourself up for success.

A diploma offers a blend of practice-based and theoretical learning, providing authentic and hands-on learning experiences. So whether you are finishing year 12 and are on the hunt for the next logical step or you are a professional deciding to take a new career path, a diploma may be the right fit for you.

A diploma will equip you with sound practical skills and the confidence to start your new career, while keeping your options open for further study. It’s a smart choice.

Graduate job-ready, faster (1 year full-time, or part-time equivalent).

Diplomas cost significantly less, and HECS-HELP is available.

Delivered over 4 terms of 10 weeks that follow Tasmanian school terms (full-time study) so students can find the right balance between study, work and other life commitments.


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