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When Dilip Pradhan was 11 years old, he fled his home country of Bhutan to escape interethnic conflict.

Today, the 37-year-old Mowbray resident, is proof that never giving up pays off.

Since leaving Nepal in 2013, Dilip has called Tasmania home with his wife, eight-year-old son, father and in-laws.

Dilip said being new to the Australian University system was daunting, so he completed the University Preparation Program (UPP) through the University College, which gave him the confidence to pursue further study.

“I learnt many useful academic skills from the University Preparation Program and feel proud to be a university student,” Dilip said.

“I struggled at the beginning to adapt to University life. Gradually, I got enough help and support from my family, community, students and teachers. I’m grateful to everyone for their support.

“I’ve always believed it’s important to speak truth, share your problems and never give up.”

Today, Dilip is currently studying a Bachelor of Business Studies at the University of Tasmania and his dream of one day graduating is almost a reality.

“I had a dream to achieve higher education from University, but I did not get an opportunity to study what I wanted to, a Bachelor in Business Studies, in Nepal because of my financial situation,” Dilip said.

“I did complete a Plus 2 in Business Studies from Damak Nepal (Global National Education Academy), so I have accounting knowledge from my past studies.

“I am studying a Bachelor of Business Studies as I would like to work in the industry and one day run my own retail business in this beautiful city.”

Dilip currently works part-time at Anglicare Launceston as a Home Tutor for the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY).

He is also completing a Community Service Certificate IV at TasTAFE, Alanvale Campus.

Dilip said the key to successfully juggling work, study and family is good time management to ensure balance.

“The best thing that I find with my studies is I always share my circumstances with the teachers and receive the support I need,” he said.

Despite studying business, Dilip’s goal is to work with communities as a social worker.

He plays an active role in connecting students with local communities by organising several cultural, social and sports events.

“I have a keen interest to learn more about different cultures and their values. I was lucky to receive the Campus Community Builder Scholarship in 2015 at the University of Tasmania, which inspired me to work with wider communities in the future,” he said.

Dilip’s advice to future students of the University College?

“Do enough research about the course and don’t rush into making any decisions,” he said.

“Seek help. There are many people to help you.

“And try to build a strong foundation before starting the course. The University Preparation Program course is a good start if you need it.”

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