Curious about what it's like to study at the University College? What better way than to hear from our students - from someone just like you.

At University College, we take pride in supporting you to reach your study and career goals. Like Stacey, or James, you may wonder how you will fit in time to study for a degree around your busy work life or parenthood. Or has it been a while since you've last studied? See how Aaron, Angus, and Annette have all successfully made the transition to study at the university.

Hear firsthand from our students, who openly share their personal story and experience studying at UC - either completing an Associate Degree or our University Preparation Program. Discover how each student found their own pathway to practical, flexible and supported learning. With so many touching stories to choose from, we hope there is one that will inspire you to take that first step towards your own goals.

Student Stories

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University College works with local industry experts to inform the content of our Associate Degree courses. This ensures that our program content is practical, relevant, and that our graduates are work-ready from day one.

Learn more about University College courses from the eyes of leading Tasmanian employers here.

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