Colonialism and its Aftermath

Orphan Schools Programme

9.30am Welcome and Introduction (coffee)
9.40-10.20 Visiting Speaker
  • Professor Margaret Jacobs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln “Colonizing the Senses: New Sensory Regimes for Indigenous Children in the United States and Australia, 1880-1940” 10.30-12
10:30-12:00 Session 1 Chair: Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
10.30 Lucy Frost: “A Besotted Headmaster: Scandal in the Female Orphan School, 1841”
11.00 Eilin Hordvik: “A non Eurocentric View of Convict Transportation to Australia”
11.30 James Parker: “Mary Egan makes the Papers: The Use of Trove to Give Official Records Substance and Context.”
12-1.15 Lunch and tour of St Johns Church (Joyce Purtscher)
1.15-2.45 Session 2 Chair: Mitchell Rolls
1.15 Pam Sharpe: “Slumbering through Childhood: Drugs and British Working Class Children c.1820-1860”
1.45 Chris Cheater: “Anthropological Views ofIndigenous Child Raising Practices in WA in the 1930s”
2.15 Grant Finlay: “Legitimising Aboriginal Children”
2.55-3.55 Session 3 Chair: Noel Frankham
2.55 Harriet Parsons: “Collaborative Art Practices on Cook’s Endeavour Voyage”
3.25 Adrian Franklin
4pm CAIA Executive – report and plans for upcoming events