Colonialism and its Aftermath

Work in Progress Programme February 2012


9.30 Welcome Coffee with biscuits
9.45 – 10.30
  • Catherine Coleborne: University of Waikato, New Zealand - “Insanity in an ‘age of mobility’: Institutional Confinement and Colonial identities”
10.40 – 12.10 Visual representations
  • Lisa Fletcher: Picturing the Indian Tiger: Imperial Iconography in the Nineteenth Century (co-written with Ralph Crane)
  • Nicola Goc: The Hula, Snapshot Photography and the Female Sense of Self
  • Brigita Ozolins: Grimstone and Savery: Evoking the Lives and Works of Australia’s First Two Novelists through Contemporary Art
12.10 – 12.40 Lunch
12.40 – 1.25
  • Judith Coullie: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - “The Ethics of Nostalgia in Post-apartheid South Africa”
1.30 – 3.00 Crossing Cultures
  • Rob Clarke: Journeys to Country: Travelling Home in Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Travel Writing
  • Pauline Marsh: Picturing a Golden Age in Peter Carstair’s September
  • Grant Finlay: “…always crackney in heaven…” Aboriginal Christian Voices at Wybalenna
3.00 – 3.15 Afternoon Tea
3.15 – 4.45 Social, Material and National Histories
  • Meredith Hodgson: A Social History of Colonial Campbell Town, April 1854 - May 1855 through the Eyes of Diarist, Miss Sarah Leake of Rosedale.
  • Mitchell Rolls: Flora, Fauna and Concrete: Nature and Development in Walkabout Magazine.
  • Leonn Satterthwait: “Nor had these people any thing … in which there was the least appearance of ingenuity”: the Complex Implications of Seemingly Simple Things
4.45 – 5.00 Concluding conversation body