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Fermentation course a gateway to opportunity

For University of Tasmania graduate Brad Deegan, completing an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences specialising in Fermentation and Separation helped to realise a 10-year dream of working in Tasmania's thriving brewing industry.

“Before studying, I was a delivery driver trying to get a job in the industry, and it just wasn’t happening,” he said.

“Then, once I started, there were times that I had interviews just because I was doing the course. It showed businesses I was interested, and that I wasn’t just trying to find a job that would kill time.”

Through his new qualification and a work placement, Brad was offered an Assistant Brewer position at Miners Gold Brewery in Beaconsfield - an opportunity that has meant more than just a payslip for the budding brewmaster.

“The course has gotten me to a place where I have a job that I leave with a smile on my face. It's made all aspects of my life better. I don't wake up in the morning and think ‘I have to go to work,’ now I get to go to work.”

“The work placement was really good because it gave me a basic understanding of how a brewery worked, and it allowed me to show my skills and gave me the confidence to try new things and get hands-on with the brewing,” said Brad.

The four Fermentation and Separation units within the Associate Degree offer students the opportunity to learn in a practical environment by offering an authentic learning experience to practice new skills and knowledge.

“The units were designed to ensure that the graduates have the skills and knowledge to meet the growing needs of the fermentation industry.”

“It has provided amazing opportunities for students through the work placement program to gain experience in the industry, establish networks and for some, step straight into a job,” said Course Coordinator Dr Robin Barnes.

With his foot in the door in one of Tasmania’s fastest-growing industries, Brad has big plans for his future and some advice for all potential students looking to study at university.

“My goal is that in 5-10 years, I will have the knowledge and experience from University and from working in the industry to allow me to start a brewery,” he said. “And my advice is to study, to just do it. I’m really glad that I did, and I enjoyed pushing myself to learn,” he said.

The Associate Degree in Applied Sciences is currently accepting applications for 2022.

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Published on: 10 Feb 2022 2:32pm