2021 Economics Challenge

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The Economics Challenge provides students in years 9-11 with the opportunity to develop their Economic mindset. Your students will experience:

  • A series of interactive activities delivered by our experts
  • Industry speakers
  • Student networking
  • Opportunities to explore career pathways
  • Free whole-day event

We are currently planning our 2021 Economics Challenge (north) and our 2022 program.  If you would like to be involved, or receive updates, please submit your expression of interest below.

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Economic knowledge provides students with a strategic and comprehensive way of thinking about the world around them. Economics is the study of how people make choices under scarce conditions, and the impacts and results those choices have on society. Specifically, economics considers four factors:

  1. Scarcity
  2. Resources
  3. Response to incentives
  4. Decision making

Economics is everywhere, it explores human impacts at a domestic and international level. It informs policy and government strategy behind issues including crime, the environment, health, regional development, and education.

Explore these issues, and more by registering your interest for the 2021 Economics Challenge (north).

Effort, Luck and Taxes

With Paul Blacklow

Experience the benefits and costs of taxes and welfare in this simulation of life.

Teams will assume the role of an individual who chooses their effort in each stage of life to build wealth, but may be affected by good or bad luck along the way.

How will you react to bad and good luck?  Will you put the right amount of effort to be happy in life given the tax and welfare system?

Behavioural Economics in Action

With Swee-Hoon Chuah

Professor Swee-Hoon Chuah shows you some of the tools that governments, marketers, politicians and even teachers use to influence the decisions you make.  She explains what Economics is (in a nutshell), and why Behavioural Economics is a useful lens for understanding how people make decisions.  Using interactive polls, you will be asked to contribute to in-class decision tasks to bring theory to life.

Industry or the Environment?

With Dugald Tinch

It’s no secret that Climate Action, and Climate Activists are a hot topic right now. But what do you think about Australian environmental policy?   If you were in government, what choices would you make?  Would it matter how other countries decide to act?

This activity will explore the impact on the Australian economy if climate were more central to policy. Using interactive exercises, it will develop students’ thinking on incentives for resource extraction and pollution abatement.

The Fiscal Ship Challenge

With Mala Raghavan

Federal government policy shapes our country.  Policy makers must make choices about where resources are best allocated.  Should they favour the environment, job security, education, or health?  What do you think governments should spend money on?

In this activity, your team will be challenged to choose policies that align with the values of your ideal country.  Manage the budget so it’s sustainable.  Try not to throw your country into debt!

Industry Focus

Speakers to be announced.

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