Biology/Chemistry: Connect with a Pharmacist

Pharmacy guest speaker program

Pharmacy is more than giving people their medicine at the local pharmacy. Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who give expert advice, both on why and how to use medicines safely and effectively.

As experts in medication management, pharmacists use their understanding of human biology and chemical interactions to reduce medicine-related problems, improving health outcomes and reducing health care costs. Pharmacists work not only in community pharmacies, but also in hospital pharmacies, as well as research and develop new medicines.


  • Suitable for years 7 - 12
  • Guest speaker format includes a 10 - 15 minute overview of the presenters' work and career (and in some cases a demonstration), followed by a Q&A session
  • Expected duration of 50 minutes
  • Offered online only
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Dr Vanni Caruso is a medical researcher and lecturer in Pharmacology at the School of Medicine within the Division of Pharmacy. His research interests are in the field of neuroendocrine diseases and converges on the causes of obesity, nociception (the body’s ability to respond to noxious stimuli) and cognitive impairments.

Josie’s top three fields of research are clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice, basic pharmacology, and clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. Her research objectives are evaluation of health outcomes, evaluation of health and support services, and clinical health.

Angus’s Pharmacy career to date has seen him experience hospital, community, consultancy, general practice and academic pharmacy. Since joining the University of Tasmania Angus has worked on quality use of medicines and research projects, particularly in the areas of rational use of antimicrobials, cardiovascular disease and pain. Alongside his academic role, Angus regularly undertakes clinical medication reviews in Southern Tasmania. Angus’s significant contribution to the pharmacy profession was acknowledged when he was named Tasmanian Pharmacist of the Year in 2017.

Before becoming a lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Karen worked as a pharmacist in hospitals and community pharmacies in Queensland, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Saudi Arabia. She also worked in New Zealand as a writer and editor for an e-healthcare project. Karen is passionate about educating patients about their medication and how to live a healthy lifestyle. She loves the diverse problem solving involved in day-to-day pharmacy practice and enjoys continually learning about new medications and innovations in the management of diseases.