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Global Logistics guest speaker program

Global logistics doesn’t sound too exciting, until you realise that 90% of world trade is sent via the ocean (and Tasmania is an island!). Logistics experts use a range of specialist skills in business, planning, coordination, and communication to manage this vast industry, ensuring that goods can get from Point A to Point B. As online purchases increase globally and food produce is distributed internationally, it is becoming even more important that experts in logistics can manage transportation, storage, distribution, scheduling, insurance, and the national security and custom details of ensuring products arrive at our doors!


  • Suitable for years 7 - 12
  • Expected duration of 45 - 60 minutes
  • Offered online only
  • Format includes a 10 - 15 minute overview of the presenters' work and career (and in some cases a demonstration), followed by a Q&A session
  • Open to all Australian schools
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  • If your class are exploring a particular topic that you would like the presenter to focus on, please make a note of this in your registration


Associate Professor Peggy Chen is the Head of Maritime and Logistics Management at AMC. Her current research is in supply chain management, particularly finding the best ways to deliver mangoes from the farm to shops while maximising their shelf-life. The logistics activities involve the cool chain to maintain mango quality from harvest, packaging, ripening, transport to tracking.

If you have ever tried to transport a mango home from the shop without bruising it, you can imagine the logistics involved in transporting them safely across entire countries to arrive ripe, undamaged, and ready for sale!

Associate Professor Johnny Fei is the Associate Head Learning and Teaching at Australian Maritime College. His main area of interest is the supply chain of fresh food, ensuring that food can be transported efficiently, sustainably, and in good condition. Johnny’s recent research has involved improving banana quality through the entire supply chain from North Queensland to Melbourne, using advanced sensor technologies and simulators.

He is also leading a project to develop traceability and anti-counterfeiting solutions for Tasmanian cherries that are shipped internationally, helping to protect the reputation of Tasmanian cherries. The solutions will allow overseas consumers to track exactly when, where, and how the produce is farmed, processed, and transported.