Fine Arts: Connect with an Artist

Art is far more than self-expression. It helps us to understand the world around us, to think critically, to appreciate, to solve problems, to communicate ideas.

The University of Tasmania is fortunate to have artists with extensive experience in their fields of practice eager to share their knowledge and insights with you. Connect with our talented artists to hear how they interpret the world through art/art histories and discover ways of enhancing your practice.


  • Suitable for Years 9 - 12
  • Ideal for students studying Visual arts, Design, Digital Technologies, Media Arts
  • Expected duration of 30 - 60 mins (varies depending on speaker)
  • Available online Australia-wide and face-to-face in Tasmania only
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The Artists

Dr Jan Hogan is the Head of Discipline (Art) and the coordinator of the Printmaking & Drawing Studio at the School of Creative Arts and Media. Her practice-led research explores the traces left in the land of past events intertwining deep geological time with historical events and the present moment. Jan has lived and worked in many remote areas of Australia, which has had a profound impact on her practice-led research. Her work is held in major galleries around Australia including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW and Artbank.

Jan has a broad range of interests and can delve into printmaking, drawing, landscape, environment, cross-cultural, Indigenous Australian Art, Asia Pacific Arts, Art Theory, Contemporary Art, Art-Science dialogues.

Neil is a visual artist who specialises in painting. Neil’s work encompasses many forms of contemporary painting, including painting as an ‘expanded practice’ (using installation, assemblages, and audio soundtracks alongside painting). His recent artwork explores his migratory journey from the UK to Australia and his paintings have been included in exhibitions around the world – all from his studio in Hobart.

You can see examples of Neil’s work here:

Neil can offer a 30 to 45 minutes session which is most suited to Years 11 - 12.  The format includes a 15 minute illustrated overview of his work and career and 15 minutes on other practitioners in the field followed by a  Q&A session.

Toby is an art historian (he looks at things), an art theorist (he thinks about what he sees), and sometimes artist (he makes things, less often than the other two things). His work considers how art is received differently around the world, and how art means different things depending on where and when in the world you see it. He is also interested in animals, and how we think about and make sense of them – and how they make sense of us too!

He is never happier than when talking about art with artists. And to talk to people about writing about art too.

Toby can cover a range of topics: Art history, art theory, sculpture, painting, Australian art, British art.

Dr Steven Carson: Sculpture

Dr Sarah Stubbs: Design and jewellery

Dr Niklavs Rubenis: Object and Furniture - Environment and climate change

Dr Svenja Kratz: Multi-media artist - STEM based practice