History and Classics: John Elliott Classics Museum

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The John Elliott Classics Museum, located at our Sandy Bay Campus, is the perfect field trip for school classes studying History or Ancient Worlds. The museum offers students the opportunity to experience a significant and valuable collection of ancient artefacts from Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Founded in 1954 as a teaching resource, the collection explores the development of ancient Greek artistic styles through the medium of pottery decoration.  The collection has expanded over the years to include artefacts and coins from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Etruria and Rome, with objects ranging in date from the 4th millennium BC to the 6th century AD. It now contains over 300 artefacts and 500 ancient coins.

Items of special significance include a pair of white-ground lekythoi (funerary pots) decorated with rare dynamic military scenes, along with the ‘name vases’ of two ancient artists, named respectively for their location in Hobart and to honour the museum’s founder: the Hobart Painter and the Elliott Painter.

Watch Now

Check out the video below to learn more about Roman coins.  You will be taken to the John Elliot Classics Museum by Dr Jonathan Wallis and Dr Jayne Knight where Jayne explains why coins are interesting to historians.

Roman Coins at the John Elliott Classics Museum

Get involved

If you or your school are interested in an excursion to the John Elliott Classics Museum, appointments can be made through the Museum Curator.

Email: classics.museum@utas.edu.au

Telephone: +61 3 6226 2235