Hobart Geology Excursion (Earth Sciences)

In this rare opportunity, classes are invited to explore Hobart’s rock formations and learn about how they have formed whist accompanied by a lecturer in geology guiding them through each site.

Starting with the oldest rocks in Hobart at the Waterworks Reserve, and moving to Mt Wellington and finally Blinking Billy Point in Sandy Bay.

This excursion is an excellent chance for students to put their knowledge to the test in a real-world, local, environment and to ask questions about all things geology.

Activity details

  • Suitable for students in Years 7 – 12 (specifically Year 8 and 9 Earth and Space Sciences)
  • Maximum of 30 students per session
  • Activity runs over a range of sites – Waterworks Reserve , Mt Wellington, and Blinking Billy Point in Sandy Bay.
  • Schools are responsible for transporting students to/from and between excursion sites. Geologist will meet the group at each site.
  • Duration approximately 1.5 hours (excluding travel time)