At your school


SUBS in Schools can be implemented in a variety of ways, as it has no set format.  Consider the learning context within your school before developing an implementation plan. There is no relationship between how schools implement the program and success at a competition level. When developing the program for your school, we advise you to consider cross-curricular STEM implementation to maximise student opportunities.  Below are some scheduling suggestions based currently running SUBS in Schools participants:

Extra-Curricula Activity

Many schools run the program outside school hours as an extracurricular activity.  This method allocates a dedicated day every week where students can spend time in their team groups with supervision. When competitions approach, teams might need to spend more days after school or their lunchtime working on the project.

In-Class Activity

Many schools run the program within their teaching faculties. For example, a Technology faculty might make one of their junior projects the SUBS in Schools program and all students in the cohort will form groups to design and build a Submarine or ROV. The program has a natural fit as a cross-curricular teaching platform as it fits comfortably with Design, Art, Science and Math. Cross-faculty collaboration can be challenging to achieve, but the benefits for the students are numerous.

Dedicated Subject

Running the program as a dedicated subject is something that has been taken up by several schools. Moving away from the siloed style of education and recognising the practical applications of STEM subjects, benefits students when they go back into individual subject lessons.