Q: Does my school need to compete externally?

Entering external competitions is not critical in running the SUBS in Schools program. Internal school competitions may be as far as you would like to take the process as you build skills in the school.

Running this project in your school and using the resources does require schools to register at no cost. The School Registration process will allow REA to understand the communications protocol and points of contact within your school. It will enable REA to keep you briefed about upcoming competitions, public exposure events, government grants and opportunities for support and collaboration with industry.

Q: Why should my school get involved in external competitions?

Once students step above the in-school competition, they enter a very competitive market. Competing outside of the school provides a platform for students to operate outside their comfort zone. The number of competitors increases as does the quality of the competition. The better they can be prepared to take on the fierce competition, the better they will be able to make the transition to the world of work.

SUBS in Schools is the academic equivalent of team sports, which provide an opportunity to undertake competition based on an academic pathway. Students are required to adhere to strict rules and regulations, documented in two separate documents, the Technical Regulations and the Competition Rules. These documents, while extensive, can be simplified for internal school competitions but should form the basis for implementing SUBS in Schools internally.

Q: What’s involved in competitions?

There are many levels and classes of competitions through which teams can progress. To participate in tournaments, teachers must register their teams. Team registration is independent to school registration and is only for teams looking to compete in state or national events. Progression to a national final is dependent on a team’s performance in the state final. The top team progresses based on performance, with some ‘wildcard’ opportunities offered to teams with the potential or capacity to step up and operate at a higher level.

Q: Is teacher PD available?

Yes – REA is available to develop teacher PD based on a needs basis

Q: Timeline for signup?

Any School delivering REA STEM initiatives within their school, irrespective of whether they intend to register teams in the competition all schools must register. School Registration is FREE.

Step 1 - Complete school registration to provide access to program

Step 2 - Team registration - team registration closes 30th June 2021, a school cannot register a team/s until school registration have been complete.