Program Goals

SUBS in Schools is based on Action Learning principles, which have an extended trajectory in terms of the involvement of the students and the outcomes that are achieved.  The program is structured to allow teachers and students to develop their understanding of design and technology over time.  This is because programs which engage intrinsic interest over extended periods of time achieve a much higher impact in influencing children’s career decision choices.

The objectives of SUBS in Schools are:

  1. Bring career relevance to STEM learning activities
  2. Excite and encourage students to consider careers and a learning pathway related to STEM
  3. Provide alternative learning and skills development in partnership with schools
  4. Develop skills in students which are directly transferable to industry roles
  5. Facilitate a cross-curricular education environment to enhance the outcomes of the education system
  6. Promote innovation and the development of entrepreneurship in young people
  7. Increase the number of students moving to STEM based careers
  8. Facilitate technology transfer from industry to schools and the community at large
  9. Raise STEM career opportunity awareness within schools and the wider community
  10. Provide a catalyst for encouraging interaction and collaboration between schools, industry and the community,
  11. Encourage the collaboration between schools based in metropolitan environments with schools in country areas and internationally
  12. Where appropriate, use the power of role models to guide and support youth in the process of career development
  13. Ensure that STEM becomes a part of the everyday language of students