Metal Contamination in the Derwent Excursion (Earth Sciences)

In this rare opportunity, classes are invited on an excursion to explore the metal contamination levels in the Derwent River.

A lecturer in geology will meet your class and assist them in taking a sediment core and assessing the sample using a portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. This will allow students to examine different contaminants, including zinc, and to then graph the concentration level changes over time.

This activity is an excellent way to bring classroom learning to life and make connections with the local environment, exploring the effects of human activity on the Derwent River over time.

Activity details

  • Suitable for students in Years 7 – 12 (specifically Year 7 Earth and Space Sciences and Year 11 and 12 Environmental Sciences and Geography).
  • Maximum of 30 students per session
  • Activity run at GASP walkway in Glenorchy (class to meet geologist on site for activity)
  • School responsible for transporting class to/from excursion site
  • Duration approximately 1.5 hours (excluding travel time)