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Tasmanian Mines and Acid Waste (Earth Sciences)

In this session, students learn about the Tasmanian mining industry and how environmental effects are assessed and managed.

As part of a hands-on demonstration, students perform experiments to find out how to counteract the acid that is often generated in mine waste. Using these small-scale experiments the class is able to calculate the quantity of treatment that is required to manage a west Tasmanian mine waste pile.

Activity details

  • Suitable for students in Years 7 – 12 (specifically relevant to Year 7 Earth and Space Sciences)
  • Maximum of 30 students per session (depending on location, numbers may be restricted on UTAS campus based on Covid19 restrictions)
  • Activity can be run at your school (depending on location), or on our Sandy Bay campus
  • Duration approximately 30 – 45 minutes (excluding travel time)