Excursion description

  • We will walk along the New Town Rivulet track in Lenah Valley (Hobart) for 2-4 km, assessing flood risk and bank condition at various points along the rivulet.
  • For the Launceston-based trip, we will traverse different sections of Cataract Gorge and the adjacent reserve, noting the various modifications to flow characteristics of the South Esk River
  • In both cases, we will investigate the general area to establish the context and possible vulnerabilities of human populations living or occupying space on a regular basis, near the water bodies
  • We will be measuring slope, estimating ground vegetation cover, estimating canopy cover, taking some rudimentary sediment tests and taking photographs of various locations along our journey
  • We will talk about what may contribute to flood risk at each location and note any evidence of prior flood by examining erosion features in the field
  • We will consider risks and hazards associated with this erosion, and the inherent vulnerability of this landscape to further environmental degradation
  • We will then consider the impacts that this landscape might have on adjacent, peri-urban environments

This trip is led by physical geographer and soil scientist, Dr Melinda McHenry.