Areas to support

There are essentially three main areas to support at the University of Tasmania: people, research and infrastructure.

Support people

As the only university in the state, the University of Tasmania has a unique and distinctive position, nationally and internationally. It is the closeness of this relationship with Tasmania, in all senses, that defines us as an institution.

Increased tertiary participation across all age and social groups, assisted by targeted support to those in need, will greatly advantage Tasmania. We must therefore identify those experiences which will draw students to us as a destination of choice.

Donations to people can be made either through our scholarships program or by supporting an academic position.

Greatest impact scholarships

We have established a range of specific scholarship programs to support students. These scholarships are designed to pool together donations in order to achieve the greatest Scholarship impact each year.

Creating a new named scholarship

We also welcome donors who are interested in supporting a more bespoke Scholarship option. This type of scholarship is based on the level of study and is customised to align with each donor's interests and priorities, in collaboration with the University.

When designing your scholarship, you may wish to consider:

  • The name of the scholarship
  • Eligibility and selection criteria
  • If it will support a new student each year and build a network of recipients
  • Whether it will be funded by an endowment (where the annual investment income provides ongoing monies to support the scholarship) or by pledging an amount that is provided on an annual basis
  • The type of scholarship (Undergraduate, Relocation, Honours, Masters, PhD, Overseas exchange)

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Supporting an academic position

Academic position donations vary, depending on the level of seniority and tenure of the position to be supported. Opportunities range from short-term visiting fellows, through to endowed chairs - the first of which was announced in 2016.

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Support research

Work in the laboratory is just the beginning - the real impact of research is in changing the world! Research makes the University of Tasmania relevant, progressive and central to Tasmania's social and economic well-being.

We have three world class research institutes at the University of Tasmania - The Menzies Institute for Medical Research, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and the Australian Maritime College (AMC).

The University of Tasmania is ranked within the top 10 Australian Research Universities and conducts high impact research across a broad range of disciplines including Arts, Business, Education, Health, Law, Science, Engineering and Technology - a selection of which can be found below.

If you would like any further information, or are interested in supporting a field or discipline not listed, we welcome conversations and enquiries – please contact us by phone on +61 3 6226 1920, or via email through

Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal (STDA) is the central fundraiser for the Tasmanian devil, administered through the University of Tasmania. Working in partnership with the Tasmanian and Australian governments and the Zoo and Aquarium Association, the Appeal is the philanthropic arm of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program and delivers funds to high-calibre research and monitoring programs.

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Support infrastructure

The infrastructure that supports our campuses and learning environments are central to the University because they benefit our students, our staff and the broader Tasmanian community.

We are currently seeking community support for the following projects: