Support preventing, treating and curing disease

Our research focuses on diseases that most affect our island community.

Tasmanians are at greater risk of certain chronic diseases than those on the mainland.

highest rates of MS

We have the highest rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) per capita.

7x more likely

We are seven times more likely to be diagnosed with MS than someone living in Northern Queensland.

1% over 60 years

Approximately 1% of Tasmanians over 60 years have Parkinson’s disease.

living with dementia

Over 1,200 Tasmanians are living with dementia. As medical advances enable us all to live longer, these figures are set to increase significantly.

chronic conditions

When it comes to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression, 20% of us live with two or more of these chronic conditions.

We are an ageing community in an environment of limited healthcare resources.  By supporting one of our world-class research institutes, you could help us become one of the healthiest populations in the world.