How to leave a gift to the University in your Will

Creating a Will encourages us to consider what is really important to us.

  1. Contact us
    Leaving a planned gift to the University is a very personal decision. Whether you would like to establish a fund in your name, anonymously, or in the name of a loved one, our experienced staff in the Advancement Office are here to help direct your gift to the area that means the most to you. It would be our privilege to help you. All conversations are private and confidential.
  2. Seek legal advice
    Your state or territory Public Trustee can provide advice and can help you find a solicitor. Will-kits to prepare your own Will are available online or from a newsagency or post office, however it is recommended you talk to a legal advisor before drafting your Will to ensure all legal requirements are met.
  3. Talk to your family and loved ones
    Sharing your intentions with your family and friends will help them understand and realise your wishes in the future. This can reduce the burden on your loved ones to make difficult decisions about the distribution of your estate.
  4. Let us know
    If you have included the University in your Will or intend to, please let us know. You can choose to remain anonymous, but finding out about your intention and hopes for the future can help us work with you to realise your gifts potential. It assists with future planning and allows us, with your consent, to personally thank you in your lifetime.

There are different types of gifts in Wills

Specific or pecuniary

You are giving the University something specific that you already own. This may include a fixed amount of money (pecuniary gift) or assets such as real estate, artwork, jewellery or shares.


Your gift to the University comes from the funds and property remaining in your estate after all debts and expenses have been paid and all specific and pecuniary gifts have been disbursed.


The gift is a percentage of your total estate, enabling your estate to be shared amongst people and/or organisations without stipulating amounts. This considers the changing value of your estate over time.

Whole Estate

Your gift to the University is your total estate. This type of gift can achieve transformational impact and is often nominated by those who have no family or other beneficiaries.