Melbourne Study Centre

Melbourne's CBD is a hub for industry, culture and history. It's the perfect place to explore new ideas and push boundaries. With world-class infrastructure, endless opportunities for creativity, collaboration and growth, it's no surprise that Melbourne has become a top destination for business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators alike. From retail to hospitality to tech and beyond, Melbourne's CBD has something for everyone.

Allowing international students who prefer to live in large metropolitan areas to study with us, our Melbourne Study Centre provides on-campus learning through face-to-face workshops and work integrated learning opportunities.

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Study in Melbourne

Partnering with international education services provider ECA (Education Centre of Australia), we will put you alongside community and industry as you enjoy a world-class student experience.

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University of Tasmania Melbourne Ambassador Scholarship

To celebrate the inaugural group of students enrolling at our new Melbourne Study Centre, we have created a new scholarship for a 25% reduction of registered tuition fees for the duration of your course.

Applications are automatically assessed at the time of submitting their Student Application.

For more information about the Melbourne Ambassador Scholarship please contact us at