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Maritime Engineering guest speaker program

Almost everything that is built to go on or in the ocean, is designed by a maritime engineer. From offshore wind farms and submarines, research equipment such as autonomous underwater vehicles, and luxury yachts! At AMC (the Australian Maritime College), engineers work across a diversity of projects and have to be experts not just in the physics of engineering and the design process, but also in the marine environment and the real world applications of their designs. Find out about our presenters and their areas of research below.

Isak is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Engineer at AMC. His work ranges from designing modifications to improve vehicle performance, to working on icebreakers out at sea, to collaborating with acoustic engineers across the world. The AUVs Isak has been working are used to collect uncontaminated water samples which are then analysed to tell us more about metal pollution, climate change, ocean ecology and more. Having been lucky enough to go to Antarctica for months at a time, Isak does admit that he too gets sea-sick!

Listen to Isak talk to Frank Bieshaar about his work as an AUV Engineer on the Above and Beyond podcast.

Peter King is a manager at the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Facility at AMC. The main vehicle that Peter is responsible for is around 7m long, uses acoustics and sonar to visualize the environment, and is bright green! This AUV has recently been used to survey the environment under a large Antarctic ice shelf and captured information about the ice thickness, water temperature and salinity, and how the currents move. Without this data, scientists would not be able to create models that predict the ongoing effects of climate change. Once the AUV is launched the vehicle travels without human intervention, so Peter waits above the water and hopes it comes back!

Listen to Peter discuss his work at the Australian Maritime College with Mike Myers on the Above and Beyond podcast.


  • Suitable for years 7 - 12
  • Expected duration of 45 - 60 minutes
  • Offered online only
  • Format includes a 10 - 15 minute overview of the presenters' work and career (and in some cases a demonstration), followed by a Q&A session
  • Open to all Australian schools
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