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Environmental Science guest speaker program

There are many ways to approach environmental challenges - from high tech equipment and field work, to investigations that focus more on social science and humanities.

Environmental scientists are interested in all environments; from our magnificent coasts, diverse cities, agricultural land, to wonderful wilderness areas. They use technology such as drones to survey for environmental change, detect changes in sea level and ice sheets, monitor biodiversity, manage threatened species and provide information to help people adapt to climate change. In such a varied and diverse field, environmental scientists collaborate with others in the community to help address local and global environmental challenges.


  • Suitable for years 7 - 12
  • Expected duration of 45 - 60 minutes
  • Open to all Australian schools
  • Offered online only via secure Zoom meeting
  • Format includes a 10 - 15 minute overview of the presenters' work and career, followed by a Q&A session
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Emma is an ecologist who has worked across a range of landscapes including forests, buttongrass moorland, and agricultural areas. Her research has mostly focused on very small plants – mosses – and the ways in which they can be maintained in landscapes that are used for growing timber, wool or for cropping.

Emma has a broad range of interests and can talk about environmental change more generally. She teaches environmental impact assessment and the planning system in Tasmania – in essence, the rules by which we make decisions about whether proposed developments should go ahead.

Vishnu is a Geographer with research interests including saltmarsh and wetland ecology, science communication, community engagement, environmental planning and management, systems thinking, and political economy. His research and teaching focusses on supporting varied organisations and community groups through engagement, and capacity building, to foster sustainable systems of production and consumption.

You can see some of his work featured in ABC Gardening Australia and Ockham’s Razor podcast.

Kathryn is a palaeo-climatologist, interested in the past climate history of the earth. Her research has focused on reconstructing climate from tree-rings over the last 2000 years. She is especially interested in better understanding how the occurrence of extreme climate events has changed, or not changed, over the past 2000 years.

Kathryn also has a background in Economics and has taught basic economics and statistics courses at University level.

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