Tectonics with Telescopes (Earth and Space Sciences)

Learn about Tectonics with Telescopes

Tectonics with Telescopes (TWT) is a science engagement program aimed at Year 9 students.

TWT provides students and teachers with real, research-grade data from radio telescopes, and a set of suggested investigations into the present-day movement of tectonics plates. These investigations are aligned with the Grade 9 national curriculum, and can be easily incorporated into the students' classroom learning.

The program has been developed by physics staff at the University of Tasmania, and delivery is facilitated by a professional scientist, Associate Professor Stas Shabala, who will typically visit the participating class for a presentation and Q&A session. At the end of the program, students are usually invited on tour of the UTAS Mt. Pleasant radio astronomy observatory and the Grote Reber museum.

One of our scientists can also provide support for teachers when planning their classroom investigations.

If you are a school teacher interested in participating in Tectonics with Telescopes, please register here. After registration, Associate Professor Stas Shabala will contact you to discuss how the program can be tailored to your class/school.

For further details about the program and access to data, you can visit the Tectonics with Telescopes website.

Take a glimpse at the working life of Astrophysicist, Associate Professor Shabala and learn about how he uses black holes, telescopes and physics to understand the world around us.