ICT: Ethical Hacking Workshop

Ethical Hacking Workshop

Experience an overview of the current cybersecurity landscape with real-world examples which demonstrate how prevalent cyber-attacks are, and how difficult the challenge of secure computing can be. Students look at common techniques that lead to improved security, before delving into one of the most interesting aspects of cybersecurity -  ethical hacking. Explore the hacking techniques used by malicious attackers, and in the process learn how to improve the overall security of computer systems.


  • Suitable for years 10-12
  • Interactive workshop
  • Expected duration of 2 hours
  • Offered face to face at our Newnham Campus in Launceston
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Tony has a strong background in software development, system administration, teaching, and technical writing. He teaches on topics including Operating Systems, Computer Graphics and Animation, Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Computer Networks and System Administration. Tony also contributes to research projects, such as researching various aspects of the food supply chain including food safety, traceability, environmental capital, consumer choice, and consumer experience.

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