Interactive Drone Workshop

Are you and your students interested in the idea of using drones to map and collect information? Would you like us to come and show your students how "cool” this technology is and discuss the impacts geographers, planners and spatial scientists have on the world?

In Geography, Planning and Spatial Sciences we use a variety of tools to address complex problems like transport planning, climate change and biodiversity management.  We use drones or UAS (unmanned aerial systems), to collect all sorts of data, particularly in locations where it would be impossible otherwise, such as the tops of forests, or over unstable land.

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  • Suitable for years 10 -12
  • Expected duration of 30-90 minutes
  • Delivered at your school (requires a large indoor space such as a gym or assembly hall)
  • Offered face to face in Tasmania only
  • Best suited to the:
    • Environmental Science TASC curriculum (Ecologically Sustainable Management of the Environment)
    • Science Year 10 Australian Curriculum
      • (1) Science Understanding - Earth and Space Sciences: Global Systems and Human Impact
      • (2) Science as a Human Endeavour: Advances in scientific understanding often rely on technological advances

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