Leadership Development

This resource is ideal for use with Student Representative Council members, and is also highly relevant for all Year 10-12 students. Leadership development enables individuals to realise their potential to affect positive change in their own lives, teams, organisations, and communities.

There are two aspects to leadership development. First is leader development – developing the capacity of individuals to lead, through the cultivation of self-awareness, self-leadership, and personal competencies. Second is leadership development – developing the capacity of individuals to engage in the interpersonal dynamics of leadership: where people come together in a collective effort to achieve a common goal.

Help equip your students with the skills, tools and confidence they need to become effective leaders in the future. Take your students on a journey of leadership development with four audio resources by Dr Toby Newstead and a range of individual and group activities to support their learning.

Use the resource booklet and audio resources to compliment classroom learning.

For more information, contact us at tas.future.students@utas.edu.au.

Does Leadership Matter? (MP3 1.6MB) 4 minutes
This audio resource poses questions and offers insights to get students thinking about the nature and importance of leadership. What does leadership mean, how does it show up in our daily lives, and what’s the lesson for our own practice of leadership?

The Evolution of Leadership (MP3 3.2MB) 8 minutes
The way we think about and practice leadership has changed a lot over time...from ancient notions of ‘leaders’ as brave warriors on trusty steeds... to more modern, nuanced notions of leaders as courageous teenage girls leading worldwide climate change action.

What a Leader Looks Like? (MP3 3.3MB) 6 minutes
What we think a leader looks like matters. It matters because if we think a leader looks or sounds a certain way, and we don’t look and sound that way – we will unconsciously assume that we are not leaders...the problem is, the way most of us think a leader looks is wrong. This audio resource challenges students to reimagine what a leader looks like and to put themselves into the picture.

Self-Leadership (MP3 2.5MB) 6 minutes
Self-leadership has to do with being self-aware and consciously directing and impelling oneself forward. We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can decide how we respond. Self-leadership is how we achieve our best selves and lead our best lives.

The activities booklet (PDF 552KB) offers a selection of individual and group activities to support your students’ understanding of each of the audio resources.

Dr Toby Newstead aims to understand and enable good leadership through a virtues-based approach.  Toby's experience is in the communications and corporate change sectors, coupled with a degree in professional communications and a PhD in leadership development.

Toby teaches within the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, and her research is focused on advancing a character-based approach to developing good leadership. Toby is passionate about bridging the divide between theory and practice.